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Passion in a Bottle
Vapur Inc. has made it their mission to provide an elegantly simple solution to a large and vexing problem. How do we keep water bottles out of landfills where they pollute our environment? You simply create a reusable, portable water bottle to take their place. Vapur has done more than create a mere water bottle, however. Their design allows the bottle to fold up for easy storage, making it the ideal method of transporting liquids for athletes and people constantly on the go. Once you have consumed your liquids, the bottle can be folded up so that it virtually vanishes into your purse or messenger bag. If you are in the midst of a hike or road race, then the collapsed bottle can clip to your waist gear. There is not another product on the market today that is as environmentally friendly and convenient.This California based firm made it their mission to create the anti-water bottle in order to make a positive impact on the world. They have succeeded by creating a portable water bottle that stands up when full or rolls, folds, and flattens when empty. The spacial convenience is also complimented by its light weight. Compared to the standard bottled water you purchase, the Vapur bottles weigh 87% less. While producing plastic water bottles that end up in the bin require lots of energy and oils to produce in factories, the Vapur bottle seriously reduces the impact made in the production process. Since opening their doors in 2009, Vapur has diversified their simple idea into a wide range of products. The performance and endurance-driven bottles comprise the Element line while the Quencher series creates kid-size designs that feature fun and engaging artwork.
Great Portable water bottleThe company has also made creating a dialogue with the community and giving back to worthy causes part of its mission. The unique designs that began with kids bottles are now possible with a variety of other models. Customers can upload their own personal logos or artwork to be printed onto their bottles. Vapur has also recently reached out to various artists across the nation in order to have them create unique designs that reflect their passions and relationship to the environment. Communities around the globe are also benefiting from the success of folding water bottles. Vapur has helped to establish the Drops of Hope program, partnering with other forward-thinking companies in order to take one percent of their profits and reinvest them in various charities worldwide. Vapur has also combined the fight for eliminating bottled water with fundraising projects for local youth. They can sell Vapur bottles to raise money for their particular cause. This program has given people the ability to install fresh water pumps, build schools, buy medical supplies, and encourage peaceful coexistence.Three concerned individuals have taken this project from their garage to stunning heights. Each bottle is manufactured in the United States using only BPA-free materials. They are dishwasher-safe, freezable, and designed to stand-up to the roughest of adventures.
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