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How To Start Eco-Friendly Lifestyle In the Dorm

If you want to get started with an eco-friendly lifestyle, living in a dorm isn’t an obstacle. Many students may feel that to start caring for the environment, they need to completely change their lifestyle. But in practice, it is worth starting with simple steps that will not only save the environment a little but also improve the quality of your life. How to do it? Use the following simple tips.

Top 6 Tips To Start Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

How to start your journey to the eco-friendly world? As already mentioned, it is enough to introduce a few simple things into your life, and you can join the eco-friendly community and even make your life better. Let’s do it step by step.

Sort Trash

The most basic step to be eco-friendlier is waste sorting. This is as easy as choosing the best writing service using online writing services review sites. So, living in a dorm is not an obstacle to starting to sort your trash. There is no doubt that there are specialized trash cans on the territory of your dorm that will simplify this task.

It is also worth noting that today there are specialized places for clothes recycling. Therefore, before you send your clothes to the trash can, look at the nearest point to give your clothes for recycling. As one more option, you can donate it to the poor or homeless people.

Invest in Refillable Bottle and Tea/Coffee Mug

A refillable bottle is a must-have for all modern people. This is an eco-friendly product that will allow you to always have water with you and not to spend money on plastic bottles. Many students have to buy several bottles a day and if you calculate the cost for a month, you might be surprised. Therefore, buying such a bottle is a good idea to save the planet and money.

The same is true for coffee. During problems with homework, students may seek help not only from the writers from the best college paper writing service reviews platforms but also by a sea of ​​coffee. For this reason, you should consider purchasing a tea/coffee mug. Firstly, it is convenient since you will always have warm coffee or tea with you. Secondly, this is an undoubted saving of money since you will not have to constantly buy drinks.

Cook Food

How can cooking help you start an eco-friendly life? Everything is very simple. This will allow you to cut down on the amount of plastic. Most of the students choose various fast foods delivery and this, in turn, increases the number of plastic packaging. Cooking will allow you to cut down on plastic and start eating healthier foods, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your quality of life.

Buy Awesome Tableware

Most students who live in a dorm tend to choose disposable tableware to save their time. If you are one of those who prefer plastic plates, cups, and so on, you need to choose beautiful plates and glasses so that you no longer desire to use plastic dishes.  Washing them will take only a few minutes more than throwing the plastic dishes in the trash. It is also worth calculating your costs for plastic dishes to realize that choosing ordinary dishes will be a more economical option and, of course, safe for nature.

Choose Eco Beauty Products

Today, most companies in the beauty industry care about the environment and make eco-friendly packaging. Therefore, when choosing your usual cosmetic products, start choosing those that have recyclable packages. This applies not only to cosmetics but also to personal care products.

For example, turn your attention to bamboo toothbrushes. Few people realize that one toothbrush will decompose for 400 years, and according to the dentist's recommendations, it is necessary to change 4 toothbrushes per year. For this reason, bamboo toothbrushes are eco-safer options. By the way, the process of brushing your teeth with such brushes is real bliss, so you will kill two birds with one stone.

Choose Recycled Notepads

Today, most students still prefer paper notebooks and diaries. If we talk about statistics, then on average one resident of the United States uses 700 pounds of paper per year. This data is a good reason why you should give preference to notebooks from recycled materials. Such notebooks have a modern design and, importantly, a low price. If you spend a lot of money on such things, then such notebooks can reduce your expenses.

The Bottom Line

Use these tips as they are simple but very effective on a global scale. Most of the ideas we have shared above will not only help you take care of the environment but also improve the quality of your life. And keep in mind the most important thing - all the changes take their roots within us, and only then, they begin to make an impact.


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