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How to Promote Sustainable Living with the Help of SEO

To stay competitive in the market, businesses are expected to follow trends. One of the recent ones refers to sustainable marketing along with the ideas it promotes. The primary purpose of marketing remains the same, however, it implies the creation of a sustainable campaign. It means that businesses promote their goods and emphasize the importance of sustainable living using SEO basics.

What is sustainable marketing?

The core objectives of marketing are to attract consumers’ attention for enhancing brand awareness and boost sales for augmenting the company’s profits. These perspectives remain the same within a sustainable marketing campaign as well. The value of sustainable living is firmly emphasized though, encouraging consumers to reduce the impact on the surrounding by purchasing eco-friendly products.

What is sustainable living?

Climate change, the rise of sea level, air pollution, and other natural anomalies indicate that the planet Earth is under threat. Meanwhile, sustainable living principles urge people to be conscious of the impact they make.

If we go back in time, it is obvious that the amount of produce was much lower centuries ago. Owing to industrialization, technological advancement, inventions, engineering capacity, and other recent innovations, the impact of anthropogenic activity on nature has increased. The idea of sustainable living highlights that people should find ways to conduct their activities with no harm to our planet and atmosphere.

How to create a sustainable campaign?

As the idea of any marketing campaign is to promote products, think of the media means first. That could be television, radio, social media platforms, or any other marketing channel that goes in line with your business goals.

While elaborating on your campaign, you also need to consider sustainable marketing tips obligatory. That way your audience would be more conscious about consumption and its impact on the living conditions on our planet.

SEO basics for promoting sustainable living

Marketing also aims to educate consumers about the principles of sustainable living. This information can be presented on your website on the main page or in the dedicated sections.

To let your audience know about it, use quality SEO that remains a priority in 2021 for businesses aiming to bring their websites to the top of search results. There are several methods of SEO basics you can rely on to achieve the best results and promote sustainable living.

Content and keywords

Before creating landing pages or blog articles, you need to properly elaborate on your content marketing strategy. With the help of the keyword planner tools, decide which keywords and phrases to pick up. Based on those, write engaging content that would be SEO-friendly but not robotic. The content is primarily created for users, so it should be easy to read. Use photos and visual elements that would better illustrate the idea promoted.


The concept of sustainable living is widely used by many companies these days. Recycling plastic bottles, preserving natural resources, using organic materials are already mandatory in most countries. However, there is a lot more to tell about sustainability, so blogging is the right way for doing that.

It is recommended to create a section on your website that is dedicated to blogging posts. Select that topics that allow telling more about sustainable living and how it correlates with your company’s activities. Also, consider publishing articles on other resources such as a guest posting service - find it here for more details. This will certainly increase awareness of your business’ sustainable activities.

Local SEO

Businesses that operate mostly within a certain area can greatly benefit from local SEO as a part of the overall sustainable marketing campaign. This approach implies a careful link building strategy that primarily involves other companies operating in the same area. In case you would like to promote some events that relate to sustainable living, local SEO might be exactly what you need.

Social media

Compared to blogging or guest posting, social media is dedicated to holding smaller pieces of information. At the same time, social media platforms offer immense potential to tell the recent news on your activities briefly. Within the post on Instagram or Facebook, you may provide a short description of the idea you promote and add the link to the entire blog article. This will drive traffic to your website and enhance its ranking on Google.

Most social media platforms now offer advertising tools that allow promoting your posts. This helps to attract new audiences by telling them more about sustainable living.

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