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Holding Your Water Bottle Close

Great Handheld Water Bottle

Most people like to keep a drink in their hands, especially when walking or running. Seriously, who wants to fumble with a caddy attached to his belt or have to struggle with something stored in her backpack? Hydrating while exercising needs to be quick and efficient, and nothing is more efficient than using a handheld water bottle.Using these bottles can have drawbacks. Mainly, hands can get tired from clutching the drinks. Fortunately, models with ergonomic handles are available, easing the muscle strain. Also, water bottles come in a variety of silhouettes, so people can literally be hands on and try out the shape that offers them most comfortable hold. A quick visit to a local store or internet site will reveal many colorful, fun options.The water bottle is ubiquitous at fitness centers, sporting events, and any kid's activity. No one wants to accidently drink from someone else's dispenser. That is a recipe for spreading colds and the flu. So bottles that are comfortable to hold are more likely to stay close to the owner, limiting confusion and the spread of viruses.Making the water bottle distinctive also helps reduce confusion. This can be done by choosing bold colors and unusual shapes. Many suppliers offer customizable bottles now, allowing the owners' initials, name, and even pictures to be put on them. Besides making the bottles more fun, this keeps people from drinking a stranger's beverage.Staying well-hydrated is one of the basic tenets of exercise. Medical professionals and fitness experts both lecture endlessly on the subject. Dehydration can lead to confusion, muscle spasms, and other physical ills that definitely lower athletic performance. When it comes to exercise, “Drink up,” is the best slogan to follow. The right bottle makes sticking to this tip easy.Using a handheld water bottle is convenient and inexpensive, but some care must be used in choosing them. Disposable water bottles are not economical and frequently blight the environment. Sturdy plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel versions are available at reasonable prices and are generally good choices, but purchasers should check the materials used in production. Some potentially dangerous chemicals, including BPA, are sometimes used in these bottles. For instance, the FDA has approved BPA for use in small amounts, but studies have linked this chemical with numerous health concerns. Considering that affordable safe alternatives exist, why would anyone take the chance?Water bottles are fun, useful tools for active people. The convenience they offer has cemented their place in almost everyone’s everyday life. Choosing the best ones takes very little time and can be accomplished by simple internet searches or visits to a local sporting goods store. Comfortable handheld models make keeping hydrated during physical activity easy and hassle-free.
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