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Here's Why Hydration Is Beneficial To Oral Health

A study of 2,000 people in the US reveals that only 22% drink the recommended eight to ten glasses of water every day, according to the New York Post. There are plenty of reasons water is important for our bodies. While you already know hydration prevents headaches and muscle cramps, as well as improves energy and concentration levels, chances are you're not aware drinking water helps boost your oral health. Of all the beverages, water is the only beverage that helps you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Read on to understand the reasons hydration is beneficial to oral health. 

Hydration Strengthens Your Teeth

One reason water is good for oral health is that it helps protect the tooth enamel. Unlike other beverages, water does not contain sugar or artificial additives. Instead, it contains naturally-occurring fluoride, also known as the cavity fighter. Drinking water that has the required amount of fluoride helps strengthen your teeth. That’s because fluoride fights bacteria and cavities from forming on the enamel. By rebuilding or remineralizing the enamel, fluoride reverses the early signs of tooth decay. So, if you want to maintain strong teeth and a beautiful smile, make sure you drink fluoridated water regularly.

Your Mouth Stays Clean

Besides strengthening your teeth, water helps your mouth stay clean. It’s important to understand the bacteria in your mouth that causes tooth cavity love to eat sugary foods and drinks. The bacteria then produce acid that wears off the enamel. With that said, avoid drinking sports drinks, juice, or soda, especially after meals. As much as these beverages flush away food stuck in between your teeth, they also leave unwanted sugar, creating room for cavity-causing bacteria to grow. 

Every sip of water ensures your mouth stays clean because it washes away food residue from your teeth. Water also dilutes acid produced by bacteria in the mouth. Drinking plenty of water is also one of the best ways to prevent gingivitis. Because water flushes away leftover food and sugar from teeth, plaque cannot form. Therefore, in addition to brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing, drink water regularly. That way, you can prevent plaque and keep a healthy and beautiful smile. 

Water Reduces Dryness In The Mouth

Certain medical conditions or reaction to some medicine can cause a decrease of saliva in the mouth. As a result, your mouth becomes dry, allowing bacteria to accumulate because the mouth cannot clean itself. It’s worth noting, increased levels of bacteria in the mouth may cause tooth decay. You might also have bad breath or gum disease. Fortunately, you can prevent dry mouth and the risk of having bad breath or gum disease by drinking water. Like saliva, water cleans the mouth with fluoride, calcium, and phosphate. Hydration also promotes the production of saliva and ensures the mouth stays moist, preventing bacteria from accumulating. 

Hydration helps improve levels of concentration, energy, boost weight loss, and prevents muscle cramps. But these are not the only benefits of drinking water. Staying hydrated is vital to improving oral health because it helps strengthen teeth, cleans the mouth, and promotes the production of saliva, thus preventing dry mouth. 


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