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Foal Attack on the Anti-Bottle!


Vapur enthusiast, Tom Isaacson, President of Envere Marine, shared a hilarious story with us about his wife, their horse and a Vapur Anti-bottle. We thought this story was so great we had to share it with the rest of the Vapur community.Tom writes:My wife Diane had her Vapur Anti-Bottle with her while working around our latest foal - a filly named Viva, who will be year old in early August. Focused on barn clean-up, Diane lost track of the bottle for a couple of minutes and, like any youngster, curious Viva apparently felt it was her duty to explore this strange container that had appeared in her world.Viva picked up Diane's Vapur in her mouth and began chewing on it, while prancing around the stall, dropping it only when yelled at. Subsequently, stepping on it several times. Vapur came through this abuse just fine, with only a few scratches. Diane is still happily using her Vapur and Viva, well, she gives it curious looks whenever it's nearby. I missed the photo op during all this, but it certainly proved the ruggedness of the Anti-Bottle.Tom adds, “apparently, Vapur products are equine approved”.Vapur and Envere Marine began their relationship in February 2010. Envere Marine is one of Vapur’s retailers, providing sales and distribution services for the (now, “horse-proof”) Anti-Bottle.Do you have a cool story about your Anti-Bottle that you want to share? Post it on our Facebook fan page or email it to!
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