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Five reasons why reusable water bottles are safe

Plastic is everywhere. From bags to other modules, plastic is used as the primary material in several manufacturing processes. Plastic has seen tremendous success in its industrial production since the 1950s. Its performance stems from its excellent characteristics; easy shale molding, mechanical efficiency, low cost, etc. The global demand for plastic has increased exponentially and is still on the rise, albeit with the concerns associated with it.   

In the current era, plastic is considered one of the most endangering environmental pollutants. The massive use of Plastic and Plastic made accessories has put marine life in danger.  The main reason for the defects is negligence.

As plastic is used in everyday basic needs of life, it is impossible to eliminate it. We use plastic in various aspects, and one of the main usages is as water bottles or soda bottles. Huge companies of beverages and mineral water like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Aquafina, and many others use plastic bottles to contain water, juices, etc. However, these bottles can be reused and recycled.

When poorly handled, plastic can cause waste, but it still has many benefits, such as being durable. Therefore, certain plastic products may be reused or used for various purposes. It is crucial to keep in consideration how we can recycle them before tossing plastic objects out.

Instead of throwing them and wasting them away, we can use these bottles in various creative ways to help save the environment. Other than plastic shopping bags, bottles are the most used, and the material used in them isn't dangerous for reuse if adequately managed. There are numerous ways in which we can modify these plastic bottles. In this article, we are going to discuss five factors in which reusable plastic bottles can help.

As the global environmental concerns are on the rise and the repercussions of plastic use are now becoming evident, it's high time to reconsider how we behave as consumers regarding our plastic consumption.

As discussed earlier, the use of plastic is everywhere. For an experiment's sake, look around you and note down all the plastic materials you can see. Aren't you astonished? Almost everywhere, you can see plastics, from the phone in your hand to the food packets in your freezer.

To conserve the environment, save costs, lower the plastic production rate, and consequently reduce plastic waste, we need to use reusable plastic. According to an estimate, around 583.3 billion PET bottles will be produced during the year 2021. It is a humungous number, and most of these bottles will end up in the oceans, landfills even on the streets as plastic waste.

So, it is crucial for the consumers to use a bottle that can be reused, and great reusable plastic bottles can help in reducing plastic waste.

Let's consider the top 5 benefits of reusable plastic bottles.

1.Consumption of Plastic can be reduced by recycling.

Extensive use of plastic can be reduced by recycling and remodeling the bottles. We can change our regular habits and not use plastic where a cheaper alternative is possible and then use plastic when necessary. Reusable plastic water bottles can be remodeled into creative designs. Plastic bottles after use can be redesigned into water containers for plants, plants hanging baskets.

Remodeling water bottles into food containers is also another effective way. The plastic used in water bottles is safe to get in constant with beverages and food. So, we can reuse water bottles after washing and drying them completely to store drinks and food.

For decorative purposes, water bottles can be colored lights, mini plant holders, and pencil cases. You can convert them into numerous creative designs rather than putting them to waste. Re-usage of plastic essentials can help in the reduction of environmental plastic pollution.

2.Reusable plastic bottles are cheap.

Reusable plastic bottles are easy to access anytime and are affordable for every person. You can get safe drinkable water and beverages in plastic bottles at a reasonable price rather than the ones available in tin or steel cans. You can use a reusable plastic bottle rather than buying it every time. Mineral water available in plastic bottles is for one-time use only. Still, plastic water containers can be used multiple times and are easy for your wallet.

3.Reusable plastic bottles don’t leach

The plastic used in water bottles is safe for drinking purposes. FDA approves that plastic PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is safe for use, and the bottles don't leach. There was a rumor that PET bottles leach, but it's just a myth. PET bottles contain antimony oxide, a catalyst, but it is used in a limited amount that is not hazardous for health and would not affect the bottle's product.

PET bottles are not single-use or trash; everyone can use them safely multiple times. As long as the bottles are appropriately washed, and bacteria are removed, bottles can be used as any container type.

4.Bottled water is better than tap water.

People often tend towards the source, which is better in taste. Both the waters taste similar, but if you look at the exposure of tap water. The rate of contamination of bacteria and other substances might be higher than the bottled water. As bottled water is preprocessed and enclosed, it is considered safer.

Many mineralized water selling brands introduced different water flavors, such as sparkling water or fruit-flavored water. That is also one of the reasons that bottled water is preferred more than tap water.

5.Reusable plastic bottles are easy to carry and suitable for carrying hydrating products.

Mineral water was preferred in plastic bottles because it maintains the water quality, protects the water from contamination, is light in weight, and is resistant and recyclable. Mineral water bottles are mostly made up of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), is flexible, light in weight, and foremost it is entirely recyclable. That's why industrialists proffered this material for the storage of water bottles.

Plastic bottles have the adequate shock-absorbing capacity. Plastic bottles have good durability and chemically resistant and hence maintain the characteristics of mineral water. Plastic is odorless, and therefore it is safe for mineral water.

The disadvantage of single use plastic overuse

The major disadvantage of plastic bottles is that they are not recyclable and not biodegradable; that's why they play a significant role in pollution. Mostly single-use plastic bottles and wrappers are thrown into the canals and rivers without taking any measure of their disposal, which increases the water pollution and becomes dangerous for the marine lives so if proper steps and approaches are not adopted for their disposal, then severe consequences can occur. These risks and contamination can be eliminated.

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