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Five Must Have Essentials for Long Flights

Long flights can be dreadful, especially when you get stuck on a red-eye flight. Not only are long flights dreadful, but it can also make your body feel disgusting – dry skin, bloated etc…

However, this shouldn’t be a reason not to go on long flights. There’s a solution to everything, including on how to make your skin look wonderful after a long flight.  This is where the five must have essentials come in, these essentials have not only helped me during long flights, but some of these have even been recommended by dermatologists.  


Five Must Have Essentials 


Face Mask

If you’re a huge fan of face masks like I am, then you should take one with you. Not many people like to wear face masks on airplanes because of how people may look at them, but if you’re on a red-eye flight, then you should definitely wear one. During red-eye flights, people are mostly sleeping and the airplane lights are turned off, which makes this the perfect opportunity to wear one. 



If there is something I always carry with me, it is moisturizer. After traveling so many times before without moisturizer, I started to notice how dry my skin would get. So eventually, I got smart and started to carry moisturizer on the plane. I tend to carry two types, which both help with moisturizing my skin. 



Whenever I mention sunscreen as an essential, I get strange looks.  I think its because I’m not fully exposed to the sun, when I am flying. However, being a window-seat person, I expose myself to the sun. Since we are at a high altitude, the sun’s rays are even more damaging to the skin then when we are on the ground, which is why it is recommended to wear sunscreen. 


Lip Balm

When I am on long flights, I don’t wear makeup. At least I try not to, so that way I don’t have to remove my make-up during my flight. Since I don’t wear makeup, my lips often get dry, which is why this has become one of my must have essentials. I will usually wear Vaseline lip balm or Lipsyl


Vapur’s Anti-Bottle

Remember how I mentioned bloating on airplanes? Well drinking a lot of water will help with the bloating and will also help with the skin. As a traveler, I find that bottles take up too much space in my bag, which is why I prefer Vapur’s Anti-Bottle. Fill it up before going on the airplane (or ask a flight attendant to fill it for you) and drink up as much as you can. The best part is that once you’re done with your anti-bottle, you can easily fold it up to make room in your bag.

There’s plenty of other essentials I like to take with me such as face cleansers and make-up remover, but these five essentials are my main ones for keeping my skin looking great after a long flight. 

What are your favorite essentials? and what do you usually carry on the plane?

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