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Family Time: Get Up & Go!
The past several years have revealed an increasing amount of data about the obesity epidemic and the side effects of poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to give kids the tools to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, every day. Staying active doesn’t necessarily mean paying for a gym membership and spending a dreaded hour on the treadmill three times a week. Increased activity can be incorporated into daily life for the whole family through family time: fun and easy outdoor adventures, sports, and community happenings.Here are a few of our favorites…Visit one of the country's 397 national parksAfter reading this MSNBC article we learned that the average age of national park visitors is getting older. While it’s great to see the baby boomers out there appreciating our nation’s beauty, it's time to reverse the trend! Taking youngsters to our national parks not only educates them about our country’s natural diversity but also helps foster an appreciation of the parks in future generations. National parks offer scenic hikes, wildlife spotting, history lessons, and much more. To find a park near you, visit and use the “Find a Park” search function on the right-hand side.Support a good causeMany towns offer “fun runs” (or walks!) with proceeds benefiting charities and community organizations. Depending on the town or city, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of community members get together and make a small donation to run/walk in support of a good cause. Typically these charity races offer non-competitive 1-mile, 10K, 5K or fun-run options in which the whole family can participate. The Vapur team in southern California finds races here.Make a splashGoing to the swimming pool is one of the most popular go-to activities for American families during summer. Try upping the level of adventure this summer by making it a day at the wave pool or nearest waterpark. It will require more active swimming plus stair climbing to get to the thriller water slides! You can also make sure your neighborhood pool is keeping their water up-to-snuff.Fish or cut baitInstead of waiting for the fish to come to you, paddle out to the fish! Go fishing in a recreational canoe or kayak versus fishing from the banks. By paddling around the lake to find the best fishing holes, your body burns more calories than you would by staying shore side.Tip: be sure to get your fishing license first!Sign up for an intramural sportFrom softball, soccer, sand volleyball, kickball, or even some dodgeball, most communities now offer organized intramural sports that nearly anyone can enjoy. Intramural sports offer a fun, low-stress way to get outdoors for some good old-fashioned, friendly competition. After making new friends and bonding with teammates, you won't even remember you’re also getting a workout!Plant a gardenDig. Plant. Water. Grow! Take the time this summer to plant a veggie garden in your family’s backyard. It will get you outside and within weeks you will live among an abundance of healthy food that YOU grew, while also enjoying a fun, educational activity with your munchkins!These are just some of the activities we enjoy but no matter how you get outside and get fit this summer, be sure to stay hydrated by keeping a Vapur Anti-Bottle filled and clipped to you at all times. To avoid heat stroke and dehydration, a good rule of thumb is to drink eight, 8-ounce servings of water each day. We recommend this handy dandy water-calculator to find the right serving size for your gender and body type. When all is said and done, fill and refill your Vapur, get outside and be active!
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