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Custom Bottles for Special People
I am not having a lot of luck with my do-it-yourself exercise program, so I’m thinking I might bite the bullet and pay for a personal trainer to customize a work-out regimen for me. I like special attention, and maybe I’ll be too embarrassed to be a slacker with some buff fitness god hanging over me. Plus it will be a good excuse to buy some nifty workout gear and accessories, including several custom water bottles.Yes, I mean custom bottles. Why should I have to hydrate myself with some generic bottle when I can have a special one? These water bottles are actually pretty easy to find online and in sporting goods shops. I’ll just fire up my imagination and create the water bottle of my dreams. (FYI: My dreams only have water bottles in them if some hunky guy is drinking from one.)Different sites offer many ways to customize a water bottle. I could go basic and have my initials put on one, but that’s been done to death. My full name or a catchy title would do. I envision something like “Gym Goddess” or “Abby Abs.” I always keep it classy.So many other options exist. I could order disposable bottles with my own label on them, but I worry that I might forget to recycle them. Instead, I may just have a cool slogan put on a sturdy plastic or aluminum one. The bottles come in so many vivid colors, and they would really show off my witty sayings. Imagine a purple model with the slogan, “You’re not fit for me.” Clever, I know, and I have so many more.Even better, some stores will place my favorite photos on bottles. I could put a “before” picture on one bottle and an “after" on another, just to keep me motivated. Also, I think a picture of my dog would keep me moving. She is getting a little porky too, poor thing. We need to walk together.Whatever bottles I buy are going to be BPA free. The FDA says the chemical is safe in small amounts, but it scares me. Some studies have linked it to cancer and other health issues, and since BPA free bottles are plentiful, why should I take a chance?I am serious about getting in shape, and doing so requires the right equipment and proper hydration. If I don’t drink enough water while I’m exercising, I get woozy, and my muscles don’t work correctly. Drinking other beverages during physical activity doesn’t work for me, but everyone is entitled to her own preference.I’m really stoked about this new project of mine, so I’m going to go online and stock up on my own custom water bottles. I may buy a few for gifts, as well. After all, who doesn’t want a water bottle featuring my favorite photos of me?
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