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Commuting Choices That Boost Health, Savings, and the Environment

If you’re looking for ways to help the environment and, in turn, your overall health, then an important step is to think about how you travel. When you go to work, think about whether you need to drive your fossil fuel-burning car or if you can try an alternative transportation method to get you where you’re going without endangering the planet. You’ll find that you can save money and feel better along the way.

Here are several different commuting choices you can make and how they can boost your health, savings, and the environment.

Electric Cars And Carpooling

Everyone must do their part to protect the environment because failing to do so could impact yourself and your family. Emissions from gas-powered cars and the burning of fossil fuels create carbon dioxide and air pollutants, including sulfur and nitrous oxides. Breathing unclean air can be detrimental to your health and lead to respiratory illnesses and premature death. Luckily, there is a chance for a promising future, especially if countries worldwide meet the goals set forth by the Paris Agreement. However, all people need to be on the same page for the best chance of success.

You may think that changing your commute won’t dent the problem, but you can set an example that others may follow. Most people drive to work; if that’s the case for you, so be it. However, you can change how and what you drive to help the planet.

Electric Vehicles

The most obvious option is to go with an electric car because it doesn’t require the burning of fossil fuels to accelerate and get from point A to point B. An electric vehicle (EV) can also help with your savings. That’s because the cost to charge your vehicle is less than that of filling it up at the tank. While there are factors to consider, such as the gas and electricity costs in your area, you’ll generally save money. You may also be eligible for tax credits when you buy an EV, so complete your research before you buy.


Another option to help the planet, your wallet, and even your job is to carpool to work. There are many benefits to carpooling. Doing so helps the environment because if you go with others instead of driving alone, there will be fewer vehicles on the road, creating pollution. It’s also a great option if you’re trying to save money because you can share gas costs with the other passengers instead of filling your tank.

An unexpected benefit is bonding with your coworkers while you’re on the way. You never know when talking with a supervisor in an informal setting can help your relationship and potentially lead to a new position and more money down the line.

Biking And Walking

If your job is close to home and you can get there by walking or riding a bike, you have a great chance to commute without creating any pollution. Both options help the planet, and they keep you in great shape. Any chance you get to exercise outside is one you should take because you can breathe fresh air and get the vitamin D that you’ll typically miss when you’re inside or driving the car.

Biking and walking also provide you with a chance to save money. You don’t need to purchase gas, replace an engine, or make expensive repairs. If you’re exercising every day, you can save money on a gym membership.

Like any form of transportation, you still need to be cautious when running, walking, or biking to work. If you’re walking early in the morning or at night, wear highly visible and reflective clothing so motorists can see you. Stay hydrated so you don’t get sick or fatigued along the way.

It’s also essential to be safe when biking since you may need to share the road with motorists. You must always be aware of your surroundings when riding a bike because drivers can pose many threats, especially if they’re driving too fast. The higher their speed, the greater the risk of death if they strike you. Road hazards, like debris and overgrown trees, can make it hard for you to see or navigate.

To keep the tensions low between you and the motorists, pay attention to the road and know when drivers are present. Use hand signals whenever you turn, stop, or change lanes so everyone is aware of your movements.

Public Transportation

There’s also the option to keep the car at home and use public transportation to commute. Taking the bus or train can be a healthier way to travel because when you’re spending less time in your vehicle, there’s less chance of crashes, and you’ll be exposed to less air pollution. Plus, public transportation is always there for you, ensuring you have a chance to get healthcare checkups and doctor visits to continue to be healthy. Just like carpooling, you can save money by taking the bus because you don’t need to pay as much for fuel.

Finally, public transportation is better for the environment because it produces less CO2 emissions than driving. Mainly because it’s one vehicle compared to many on the road. Also, if more people took the bus, there would be less of a need for new roads, which is good because the creation of roadways leads to increased soil, water, and noise pollution.

There are many different commuting choices you can make, and they all have their unique perks and benefits for the environment, your health, and your wallet. Think about how you can adjust your daily routine and help make the world a better place.

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