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BPA is Not for Bottles Anymore
These days, water bottles are everywhere. They are a necessity for physically active people who want to stay properly hydrated, but they are also a constant companion to school children or people at the workplace. Since disposable water bottles destroy the landscape and frequently are not recycled, a durable bottle, suitable for months of constant use, is a good investment.A wise consumer will choose BPA free water bottles like Vapur. BPA is used in the manufacturing process of many products, including children’s toys and other plastic objects. Since this chemical can leech from items containing it, possible ill effects can occur. Studies have linked BPA with arrhythmia, or heart irregularities in some people. Also, since BPA can cross the placenta, infant health can be compromised, perhaps leading to fertility issues in these children’s later years. BPA has also been associated with various cancers. Although there are some disputes about these dangers, enough evidence exists to make avoiding BPA a good idea.Owning BPA free plastic bottles is easier than ever before. Many manufacturers like Vapur, made right here in the USA, make a point to produce and market bottles as BPA free. When purchasing items that aren’t listed as BPA free, the buyer can check the ingredients for Resin Identification Code 7, which indicates the possible presence of BPA. If Code 7 is present, the safest approach is not to buy the item.Some disposable water bottles do not contain BPA but can contain ingredients that cause some of the same problems. Steering clear of these disposables is better for people’s health and helps the environment because so many people throw them out instead of having them recycled. In reality, these bottles do not provide much except a minimal convenience factor. They certainly are not worth the expense and the potential danger.BPA free Vapur water bottles are available throughout the world and come in slick designs, and many colorful styles. A quick internet search will reveal many styles and colors. These Vapur bottles are no more expensive than those models with BPA, so price should not be a consideration. With so many stores and online availability of these BPA free Vapur bottles, there is no valid reason to buy a bottle with a chemical as an ingredient.People who engage in any kind of physical activity use water bottles. For their health and that of their children, they should choose bottles that do not contain BPA like Vapur. Keeping well hydrated is a necessity for healthy activity, so keeping a proper selection of water bottles is necessary. BPA, however, is not part of this healthy picture.
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