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Boost Your Hydration with Regular Fruit Consumption

If you often find yourself feeling tired and sluggish, especially on a warmer day, chances are you may be dehydrated. Up to 75% of Americans fail to meet their daily water requirement, according to CBS, which essentially means that three quarters of the population are living in a state of chronic dehydration. Drinking plenty of water is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to remain well-hydrated. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done for countless individuals who find it difficult to drink even a single glass of water a day. Luckily not all hope is gone as there are a lot of other things you can drink (and eat) that will supply your body with all the water it needs to function to the best of its ability. 

Smoothies pack a powerful punch 

Fruit-infused water is becoming increasingly popular among health and fitness buffs who seek a welcome reprieve from normal water. When you add fruit to water it not only dilutes the sugar content somewhat but it also gives the water a subtle yet delicious taste that will make drinking it a lot easier. Good fruit choices include berries, citruses such as orange, lime & lemon, pineapple, and even watermelon. Fruit smoothies are another good hydration source, especially if you make use of fruit that boasts their own hydrating properties. Sipping on a smoothie made with water, milk, yogurt or coconut products as well as fruit such as cantaloupe, watermelon,  star fruit, and strawberries will not only give your body a powerful nutritional boost but will also ensure you remain well-hydrated throughout the day.

Munch on hydrating fruits

If making a smoothie or jug of fruit-infused water seems like too much effort, you can simply tuck into a bowl of fruit that is known for their hydrating properties.  Although fruit, in general, possesses a lot of beneficial nutrients, they were not all created equal as far as water content is concerned. When eating fruit with the purpose of hydration it is important to note which are the most hydrating.

Citrus and melons reign supreme 

Grapefruit boasts a water content of 90.5% and, apart from boosting your water intake, also provides you with a range of other health benefits including stabilized blood sugar, lower LDL cholesterol levels, and boosted fat-burning potential. You can eat grapefruit cut into segments, halved and sprinkled with sugar or peeled, diced and added to a salad. Watermelon, which contains as much as 92% water is also rich in Vitamins A & C and is known to decrease inflammation and lower oxidative stress. Although watermelon can readily be incorporated into a number of recipes it is best eating it chilled and by the slice as a delicious, hydrating treat.

Without the adequate hydration, our minds and bodies will not perform as they should. By drinking enough water and other beneficial fluids daily and indulging in delicious, hydrating fruit you can keep yourself well-hydrated, overall healthy, and happy.

Article written by Karoline Gore.

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