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Benefits of buying Organic food

You probably have been into a grocery store or visited the Farmers Market and found foods with the Organic label. It may not be evident initially, but for a product to get labeled as organic, it must be grown without synthetic pesticides, GMOs, or synthetic fertilizers . Animals that get reared for meat must consume original organic feeds and must be able to go outdoors for the whole year. Ruminants must get at least 30% posture as their diet.

Regulation of organic labels

Before Pharma labels a product as organic, they must walk through all the processes that identify the farm's growing practices and that the regulators standardize their operations.

By 2013, certifiers were required to make test residues on 5% of the products that every agency tends to certify. The tests can map out food producers who fail to follow the guidelines for organic produce.

Organic Imports

For any product that gets imported, they must get certified by NOP to be labeled organic. Countries that lack the certification or are not from the US must get produced and an agreement of recognition, which means that the operations and the growing practices must meet the NOP regulations before they get imported.

How to certify that organic food is genuine

It is difficult to know whether we are genuinely eating organic products because you can't really tell by just taking a look at them, but here are some of the things that you can do to pull down the possibilities of consuming fraudulent organic food:

Grow your garden - if you grow your food you will know and understand that all your vegetables are safe and fresh and can be grown organically.

Don't buy imported foods - most people have concerns about imported foods, especially grains, which tend to have the most issues with fraud.

Shop locally - you can buy locally produced organic foods at farmers markets and many grocery stores feature local product sections as well

Benefits of organic food

Organic food tends to have a higher amount of nutrients and has a lower composition of heavy metals than non organic

There is less pesticide residue in organic food as compared to conventional foods.

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