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Athletic Gear You Need for Working Out Outside

Getting into a workout routine can be difficult and going to the gym or setting up a home gym can be expensive. That’s why it’s great to start working out outside as well. Working out outside has many benefits including improving mood, reducing stress and blood pressure, giving you some Vitamin D and it’s free! There are lots of different types of workouts you can do outside as long as you have the right equipment and accessories. Here is some athletic gear you need for working out outside.


First off, you need to have high quality activewear. Proper athletic shoes for walking, running, hiking or other outdoor activities are very important so that you avoid injury. Features you should look for in athletic shoes include being waterproof, having good traction, being lightweight and having good cushion for your feet. You should also have athletic shorts that aren’t too tight or too loose. Polyester is a good fabric for workout clothes because it is light, durable and wicks away moisture. You should also consider the weather outside when choosing your activewear.  If it is cold outside, having a waffle base layer that helps with insulation and regulates temperature while still wicking away sweat can make working out outside better and more comfortable.

Jump Rope

There are plenty of outdoor workouts you can try, and jumping rope is one of them. A jump rope is a great item for outdoor workouts because it requires space to do it. It is also a fun and effective workout that is really good for you. In fact, jumping rope burns a lot of calories, is good for your cardiovascular system, improves coordination, strengthens bones and lowers the risk for injury. Get a jump rope that is durable and can be adjusted to the length you need. Also look for one that has a comfortable grip.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is also great for an outdoor workout because it is very portable and many of them are lightweight. You can take one with you anywhere in order to provide a more comfortable surface to do exercises on the ground, whether that be stretching or another type of workout. It will also prevent your hands and feet from slipping during your outdoor workout.

Bike or Roller Skates

A bike or roller skates are also great for outdoor workouts. Biking and roller skating are both aerobic exercises that are great for burning calories, are good for your cardiovascular system and are a lot of fun.

Wearable Weights

Having gear that is easily portable is ideal for outdoor workouts. Wearable weights are great for this because they are not bulky, can be taken anywhere and you can wear them on your wrists or ankles in order to build more strength during your workout.


Kettlebells are good for improving your strength and balance. They are good to have with you for your outdoor workouts because they are portable and you can fill them with water to vary the amount of weight you use during your workout.

Fitness Watch

Any workout can be enhanced by having a good fitness watch or tracker that helps you track your progress and meet your fitness goals. Features you should consider when looking for a fitness watch include being waterproof, ability to track mileage, having a pedometer, having a long battery life and ability to track your sleep.   


A quality pair of headphones is another must have accessory for outdoor workouts. Having headphones can really help you stay motivated during a workout. Find a pair of wireless headphones that fit properly and comfortably so that they don’t fall out during an intense workout. Other important features to look for include good sound quality and being water and sweat resistant.

Working out outside has many benefits, so make sure you have the athletic gear you need and then go outside for your next workout.

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