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8 Reasons to Travel With a Vapur Water Bottle

Vapur collapsible water bottles are a top selling travel accessory available in two sizes, 1 liter & .7 liter. Made from durable BPA-free 3 play construction, they can fold up and collapse down when not in use. The perfect accessory for any travels! Take them on the plane, in the city, or outdoors.

Here are 8 reasons to travel with a Vapur water bottle!

8 Reasons to Travel With a Vapur Water Bottle | Travel Gear Guides

1 - Travel Lighter

Keeping their bag lightweight is paramount for many travelers. Flying on discount airlines with strict luggage constraints, hiking or trekking trips where you gear is on your back for hours a day, and walking up hills from the train station to your Aribnb in Europe all call for the lightest pack possible. Travel lighter with a Vapur water bottle.

Made from ultra lightweight materials this travel water bottle comes in at only 2 oz, about equal to a tennis ball. Compared to a metal bottle that’s virtually no extra weight to carry around when it's empty.

2 - Save Space

There’s no better feeling on the road than an efficiently packed and well organized bag. And there’s no need for a bulky hard shell bottle to take up space when it's empty. The Vapur folding water bottle is slim and compact when filled and collapses down when not in use to save space and keep your bag organized.

3 - Don't be Constrained by Cup Holders or Bottle Pockets

8 Reasons to Travel With a Vapur Water Bottle | Travel Gear Guides

The built in carabiner clip means you don't even need to take up valuable real estate inside your bag or rely on side water bottle holders to store a Vapur water bottle. Clip it onto any exterior anchor point of your bag, a shoulder or hip strap, or even a belt loop. Clipping it to the front of a shoulder strap on a hike leaves it right at your fingertips. No more removing your pack or awkwardly reaching back and around when you’re thirsty.

4 - Collapsible Means Packable

The soft shell of the water bottle makes it easy to roll up when not in use. Fold it into the carabiner so it stays in place and now you can stash it virtually anywhere. Fits in unorthodox sized pockets of your bag, coat or pants pocket, and just about anywhere else you want.

5 - Reduce Single Use Plastic Waste

Single use plastic is a major contributor of waste for travelers. There are so many situations where buying a plastic water bottle feels like the only option, like in an airport. Plastic bottle waste is amplified significantly in countries with unsafe drinking water where it can feel unavoidable. A reusable travel water bottle is one of the top items to become a more sustainable traveler.

Having a reusable water bottle and using it as often as possible is a great start. But all the other benefits of the Vapur collapsible water bottle make it easy to have with you at all times so you never get caught in a situation where buying a wasteful single use bottle is your only option.

6 - Doubles as an Ice Pack

There are so many situations where traveling with an ice pack can come in handy. Vapur’s 3 ply construction is durable so it easily doubles as an ice pack. Fill it with water and pop it in the freezer the night before. Your drinks on the beach or lunch on the train will be nice and cool all day long.

Freezing water in a hard shell insulated bottle is bad for the bottle and can break the interior wall or damage the seals causing leaks. Vapur’s flexible walls make it freezable because it can expand as the water freezes. Use it as an ice pack in a cooler or as an emergency ice pack in case of injury.

7 - Use it on the go

8 Reasons to Travel With a Vapur Water Bottle | Flashpacker Co

Vapur water bottles are built with convenience in mind. The easy clip on and off carabiner allows you to store it within arms reach at all times. The Vapur exclusive SuperCap is designed to be used one handed for easy hydration on the go. From casual city strolls to active adventures, this travel water bottle has you covered.

8 - Stand Out

There’s no getting around it, Vapur water bottles look cool. Unique colors and patterns are eye catching and the designs stand out significantly from a traditional stainless steel water bottle.

Vapur Folding Water Bottles

Find the right Vapur water bottle for your next adventure in either 1 liter or .7 liter size.

If a Vapur collapsible water bottle doesn’t fit your style, check out our other Travel Water Bottles.

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