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7 Documentaries For Going A Zero Waste Lifestyle

A way to a zero-waste lifestyle can’t be short, unfortunately. Even if you are following all eco rules, a great part of the world’s population doesn't. Documentaries on consumerism are a great way to learn more about eco-friendly lifestyles as they provide information from reliable sources and real researches. In this article, we have collected seven documentary movies about ecology you may start with.

Bag It, 2010

We are drowning in plastic. The vast majority of products in the supermarket are packed in plastic. It is better to say that all of them. In this documentary, Jeb Berrier is carrying out research about plastic and its effect.

His scientific journey is intertwined with his personal life: he and his wife are waiting for the baby. Even though we are aware that plastic is hazardous to our planet little of us understand how terrible the situation really is. For example, did you know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? This is a huge stain of plastic trash, which even has its own name.

There are a lot of facts about the results of our plastic usage, so we will not spoiler them.  What is more, the movie gives advice to usual mortals on how to contribute to saving the planet.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, 2015

Minimalism is not just about having fewer things. There is a tight bond between this kind of lifestyle and zero waste movement. The documentary from an independent filmmaker Matt D’Avella is about meaningful things.

We are living in the crisis of consumerism, where plastic literally clutters our lives, distracts us. Having only the most important things in life helps to develop consciousness and step on the journey of zero waste. It is about giving meaning to the things that are durable, not disposable and fake like plastic.

What the Health, 2017

This documentary is not just about healthy nutrition. It is about the “cooperation” of industry, government and health organizations. Thousands of businesses contribute to making the world population sick. We are the victims of businesses that determine the state of our health and try to control us with:

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