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6 Reasons Why Drink Mixins are a Great Choice

It is often said that water is life, but there are also times when you want a little extra flavor in your cup. Drink mixes are becoming increasingly popular and are packaged in easy-to-carry containers, making them the perfect addition to almost any activity. Since you know it is essential to stay hydrated, consider these fun reasons to choose a mix that is best for what you want to do.

Boost Your Energy and Efficiency in a Workout

Sweat is a natural part of exercising, and you must prepare your body to replace the fluids that will be lost. Knowing the best pre workout ingredients can help you make an informed decision about what product to choose. In addition to drinking enough before you start, be sure to hydrate throughout the session and then again when you are finished to reduce the risk of injury or fatigue. 

Offer Variety to Guests at a Party

Instead of buying dozens of soft drinks and juices for your next get-together, save money with a variety pack of mixin flavors. Lay the packets out in a fun and colorful display, and let your friends decide for themselves. This also allows people to experiment with something they may not have tried before. Moreover, you can provide sugar-free options for people who prefer that taste.

Cut Down on Single-Use Plastic

Instead of contributing to the growing plastic island floating in the oceans and impacting climate change, get a reusable beverage container and refill it from a sink or fountain. Not only will carrying your own bottle help to reduce the amount of waste going into the environment, but it will also allow you to track how much you drink. Put a few mixins in your bag and eliminate the need to find a store when you get thirsty. 

Disguise the Calcium for Picky Drinkers

Your bones need calcium to grow and remain strong regardless of age. Most adults recognize this fact and drink calcium-rich beverages, but getting kids to drink milk can be a struggle if they do not like the taste. An easy solution to this problem is keeping chocolate or strawberry powder mix on hand. A spoonful or two may make the drink a family favorite and help everyone stay healthy.

Make a Mocktail on a Hot Summer Day

Alcohol and caffeine can lead to dehydration, so they are not the best choices for a hot day in the sun. Because alcohol is a diuretic, it can also increase urination, and that will drain your system of essential fluids. An alternative is to spruce up a healthier beverage selection with a tasty tang and a bit of garnish. Seltzer is usually caffeine-free and will still provide the bubbly sensation that goes hand-in-hand with the summer months.

Create a Hot Toddy in the Winter

You can burn just as many calories and produce equal amounts of sweat when you work out in the cold, so consuming nutrients and electrolytes makes you safer. Whether you are relaxing around a firepit at the end of cross-country skiing or pulling out your thermos on the trail, you can quickly drop in a mix and go. Home brew kits are also available for making a delicious spiced cider that will warm your insides.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can infuse flavor into what you drink. Pay attention to what it says on the mixin label, so you know what you are using. Do not be afraid to experiment until you find something you like, and then carry it along wherever you go. You will never be left high and dry again.

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