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6 Essential Backpacking Trails in the United States and Canada

The United States and Canada include some of the most challenging and beautiful hiking trails in the world. The top trails in North America include challenging climbs, abundant wildlife, Summer and early fall are excellent times to leave your workload behind and hike one of the trails in the and incredible views. Before planning a trip to a specific trail or park, you should check the parks’ websites to examine pandemic limitations.

1. Fiery Furnace at Glacier National Park

If you want to hike in a unique landscape that allows you to take your own path around the park, Fiery Furnace may be the trail for you. The trail is part of Glacier National Park in Moab, Utah. To hike in Fiery Furnace, you have to purchase a permit and view a short orientation video, or you can take a ranger-led hike through the trail. You may want to study a beginner backpacking guide if you’re new to hiking because Fiery Furnace can be challenging if you’re unprepared. The trail is made up of enormous sandstone outcroppings and rugged terrain. You’re encouraged to take your the path of your choosing to enjoy the narrow passages and steep climbs, but it’s safer to hike in a group since it can be easy to get lost.

2. The Appalachian Trail Through Fontana Dam

One of the most visited trails in North America, the Appalachian Trail, stretches from Georgia to Maine. Although numerous sections of the trail offer enjoyable hikes, the Fontana Dam section of the trail on the Tennessee/North Carolina border is exceptional. The trail winds through the Great Smoky Mountains and offers brilliant views of the legendary mountain chain. One section leads to the iconic fire tower at the summit of the mountain and provides a 360° view of the Smokies. You can also visit Fontana Dam and view the largest dam east of the Rocky Mountains. The visitor center is famous for its free hot-water showers and welcomed by weary hikers in cold weather. Prepare yourself for a strenuous hike in Fontana and bring along a premium water bottle like Vapur to provide fresh water.

4. The Ink Pots Trail, Canada

In Alberta, Canada, you can venture on a 7.3-mile hike through the Banff National Park. The Ink Pots Trail is named after a group of seven green pools of water that highlight the gorgeous Canadian landscape. The ink pots are a big attraction for hikers and tourists, but the trail also features an impressive waterfall and plenty of steep terrains. The hiking is ideal from June to October, but some sections become hazardous from the snowfall in late fall and winter. The weather in Banff can change quickly, and you have to pack rain gear and plentiful water for the long hike.

5. The Precipice Trail at Acadia National Park

If you’re not afraid to scale a few rock formations, you can hike the Precipice Trail at Acadia National Park in Maine. Unlike the previous trails, the Precipice Trail is rated as difficult and is not recommended for beginners. The path has metal bars attached to the rock faces to assist you in scaling the steep trails. Amateurs should skip this trail, but for adventurous hikers, the Precipice is a scenic treat. The trail winds along the Champlain mountain. It features seaside views, abundant wildflowers and a challenging trail that gives you a workout.

6. Iceberg Lake at Glacier National Park

Although it’s not as tricky as the Precipice, Iceberg Lake at Glacier National Park in Montana offers an excellent 9.3-mile trail that includes harrowing climbs and beautiful landscapes. The 1450-foot elevation increase may be too strenuous for amateur hikers, but for those up the challenge, the path provides an unparalleled view of the dense pine forest and rugged hills. The trail resides in a vast habitat of grizzly bears, and all hikers must carry bear spray to avoid any unwanted confrontations. The trails located in the United States and Canada are breathtaking and should not be missed. Whichever trail you choose, remember to pack plenty of water and supplies and leave your worries behind.


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