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5 Healthy Hobbies To Kick Off This Summer

The summer is an excellent time to kick off a new, healthy hobby. Warm weather encourages you to get outside, while a more relaxed pace takes over an otherwise hectic world. Here are five hobbies that you can start this summer and carry through the rest of the year. 

1. Get in the Water

Summer is water sports season, and this provides numerous opportunities for healthy hobbies you can embrace. Getting in the water is excellent for people who struggle with joint issues since the water offers natural support. It also helps build muscle strength, which contributes to healthy bones. 

Still not sure? Try heading to a local pool or beach to kick off a daily swimming routine that provides a great cardiovascular workout. Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and surfing are just a few other great ways to get in some serious exercise while having a great time on the water. Who knows? You may enjoy it so much that you start looking for top pool builders in San Diego to create a personal water oasis for your family. 

2. Grow Your Own Food

Gardening is a healthy hobby that gives you a workout and helps put healthy, whole foods on your family's table. Plus, it is something that everyone can participate in regardless of age or ability. Raised beds make gardening more accessible and seriously cut down on weeding chores, while a compost pile is a great way to recycle food scraps into rich fertilizer. 

3. Read a Good Book

Reading is a great hobby that you can do anytime, but the lazy days of summer tend to lend themselves to this light activity. Climb into your favorite hammock in the shade — or curl up on a window seat in the air conditioning if it's just too hot outside — and lose yourself in the pages of a book you've been meaning to tackle. 

You're wondering how this could possibly be healthy, right? First, the brain needs stimulation to create new connections and neural pathways, and absorbing the information in a book is a great way to stimulate those cells. Plus, you use a ton of creativity to translate the words into a mental picture.

4. Learn Nature Photography

If you want more creative pursuits, nature photography is another great hobby to pick up in the summer. It gives you a chance to show others how you view the incredible beauty around you every day, but it also lets you capture the raw beauty of the natural world. 

Don't let a lack of an expensive camera put you off this worthwhile hobby. Sure, once upon a time, not all that long ago, you needed a pretty impressive array of camera equipment to get quality pics. However, now you can use filters and lens attachments on your cell phone to showcase your vision. So grab your phone, head outdoors, and start snapping away. 

5. Go Camping

Many people enjoy camping in the summer, which is a great time to start. You'll need the least amount of gear since temperatures tend to be mild. Plus, there is less risk of hypothermia if you get stuck out in bad weather. Once you start to feel comfortable camping in the summer, you can enjoy crisp nights of camping in the fall and spring. 

There are so many benefits from unplugging for a few days, so resist the urge to search for a clear cell signal when setting up camp. Instead, meet some other campers, take a hike, cook your dinner over an open fire and just relax.

Camping, nature photography, gardening, swimming, and reading a good book are all great hobbies that can help bolster physical and emotional health this summer. 

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