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4 Reasons To Purchase Your Outdoor Gear From a Small Business

There is a huge market out there for outdoor products, whether you are looking for environmentally friendly water bottles, jackets that can withstand the coldest conditions, or anything in between. Many people simply look for the lowest price when going to buy outdoor gear, and it is incredibly easy to do so online. However, there are many advantages to buying that equipment from a small, local store. Here are four reasons to purchase your outdoor gear from a small business. 

1. To Receive Better Customer Service

Small businesses generally consist of stores that depend on the local community for survival. Since managers of small outdoor gear businesses do not, for instance, benefit from the popularity that many chain outdoor stores do, they need to do all that they can to attract and retain customers who live nearby and are willing to visit a brick-and-mortar location for their shopping. 

As companies begin to experiment with many new business trends, one trend that sticks out is a recommitment to exceptional customer service. Although the number of people shopping online continues to increase, small businesses that may not sell as much online still find value in providing a first-rate in-person experience for their customers. This means that customers can expect superior customer service and a better atmosphere when choosing their outdoor gear. 

2. To Gain a Better Perspective 

Many small businesses specialize in outdoor gear for only one or two outdoor activities. For example, there are many companies that supply runners with shoes, hydration systems and other items of clothing prized by those who run. Anyone can walk into a small business to purchase a shoe; however, small stores are especially valuable to those who are dedicated to the particular sport for which the store carries gear.

The reason for this is that small, specialized businesses are more likely to employ people who actively participate in a certain sport. When you enter a small business, you are more likely to encounter someone who has had a similar experience as someone participating in a physical activity and who can relate to your needs. This is exceedingly helpful when it comes to finding a product that suits your needs. 

3. To Support Your Community

Once a small business begins to earn enough profits, the owners often begin to give back to the community to show their support. Those who work in outdoor gear shops, in particular, tend to be active in volunteer work related to supporting environment conservation as well as things like maintaining local hiking and biking trails. When you shop at a small business, you help to enable its employees to give back as they see fit. 

Supporting small businesses also allows the owners to continue to hire dedicated workers who live nearby. This helps to support your local economy, which benefits everyone in the area. When you make a purchase from a large big box store, you generally do not know where your money is going. However, when you purchase an item at a small business, you can better trace how they use their profits and adjust your purchasing habits accordingly. 

4. To Purchase Unique Items

One of the main appeals of big box stores is that you know what products you can expect to find, regardless of the location of the store you enter. However, small businesses are more likely to order unique items that do not necessarily appeal to mass numbers of people. This makes these locations a better option for people looking for one-of-a-kind products that will impress friends coming along on the next camping or hiking expedition. 

Consider shopping at a small business the next time you need outdoor gear. 

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