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15 Easy Ways to Go Green and Save Green

The effects of climate change are disastrous.  That means that it’s more important than ever for every one of us to commit to living a low-waste lifestyle.

But there are still a lot of challenges when it comes to going green.

While it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the environment safe and clean, studies suggest that Americans aren’t making eco-friendly lifestyle changes.

This is unbelievable as there are many ways to go green and save the environment.

If you’re committed to helping your planet, then this article is going to share with you FIFTEEN ways that you can go green.

Why You Need to Go Green

The huge climate change is not news anymore. Everyone has seen how our planet has changed. It’s not the same again.

And even though we’re encouraged to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes, it’s easier to think that our efforts aren’t making any noticeable change.

However, the truth is that no matter how small your actions are, as long as they are positive, you can expect a positive impact.

Going green can be beneficial in many ways.

One of the greatest benefits of embracing a low-waste lifestyle is that it helps to reduce pollution and saves resources.

Going green also helps to save time, money, and encourages healthier eating.

These are just a few of the positive impacts of living a greener lifestyle.

With that, let’s get into the actual topic of this article:

15 Ways on How to Go Green and Save Green

Here are fifteen EASY ways to go green.


You must have heard of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

When it comes to living a greener lifestyle, Reduce is the greatest of all the three R’s.


Just look around where you live then see how much trash is left uncollected on undisposed.

Those used plastic bottles, grocery bags, milk jugs, etc. are contributing a lot to pollution than you might think.

Unfortunately, countries that used to accept recycling are no longer doing it.

So, even though you’ll throw used items in the recycling bin, they might not get recycled anytime soon.

The only option is to Reduce or swap disposable items for reusable ones.

2.Limit Plastic Water Bottle Usage

The effects of single-use plastic water bottles on our planet are way too much than you might think.

Think about it.

Single-use plastic water bottles take a long time to rot.

That means that by the time a plastic bottle has decomposed completely, it has left dangerous and harmful toxins.

And even though many people argue that they recycle their plastic water bottles, only 12% of the 30 million bottles used plastic bottles get recycled according to a report by dissertation service.

That means that most of the items you empty into the recycle bin aren’t recycled.

This is why we hear many cases of cancer and reproductive disabilities.

This explains why it’s important to avoid plastic water bottles.

After all, limiting your single-use plastic water bottle usage isn’t as hard as many people think. You can drink filtered water using a glass at home, then carry with you a reusable bottle so that you don’t buy plastic bottles.

3.Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Huge amounts of single-use shopping bags are produced each year worldwide.

Unfortunately, once disposed of, they become deadly waste in the ocean.

These shopping bags aren’t only dangerous to land animals like birds. When they find their way to the ocean, fishes eat them. This poses a big danger to all marine creatures given that bigger fishes feed on smaller fishes and marine mammals feed on bigger fishes.

But it doesn’t stop there. Hungry sea turtles mistake the plastic bags for food. You can imagine the amount of toxins they feed on.

You could save the planet including your life and that of all these creatures by buying reusable shopping bags.

Besides, they aren’t costly and some come with the items you buy in shops.

4.Switch to Digital and Electronic Means

This go-green idea is for learners.

You can save time and money by using digital and electronic means while helping the planet.

There are a ton of apps you can use for note-taking. Taking advantage of these apps could help you save money and use less paper.

When it comes to writing essays, students can easily purchase essays from the best writing services online.

The availability of online study materials and lectures can also help students to go green as they don’t need to use papers anymore.

5.Learning How to Manage Waste

Going green begins at home. To save the planet, you can set aside containers where all the waste is placed.

To manage waste also means producing less waste.

Now think about the food products you buy and consume.

Where do you dispose of the leftovers?

You can also plant the seeds of the apples you eat. This will not only help to reduce littering but can contribute significantly to saving the environment.

6.Unplug Your Device

If you’re at home, just look around your house. And for students at colleges, just look around your classrooms or dormitories.

How many sockets are still turned on yet no gadget is hooked to them?

Now think about the time your laptop spends plugged into the charging unit.

To save the planet starts by saving energy as well as cutting down your electricity bills.

A good rule of thumb is to disconnect your devices from the charging unit when not in use and always ensure all the power sockets are switched off.

7.Walk or Recycle

When you switch to walking or recycling, you’re not only keeping yourself fit but you’re also saving the environment of air pollution.

If the distance to be covered is short, just walk and if a bit far, use your bike instead of your car.

You can also use public transport or buses instead.

8.Use Cardboard Instead of Plastic

It’s not a question but reusing cardboard is much easier than plastic. Besides, paper products can rot easily unlike plastic or other material like glass, aluminum, etc.

To go green, buy pasta in the box, not the one packed in a plastic bag.

9.Cook and Eat at Home, not in the Restaurants

When you buy fresh ingredients at your local grocery and cooking at home, you contribute significantly to saving the planet and supporting the community.

Opting for vegetables and less factory-produced meats also helps to reduce greenhouse gases.

Eating at home is not only healthier but is affordable. Plus it helps to reduce the single-use containers fast-food eateries pack food in for customers.

10.Conserve Water and Energy

Limiting your TV time, turning off lights, and many other habits could help to conserve energy.

Washing your clothes responsibly could also help to conserve more water.

Just make sure you don’t wait until your dirty clothes have piled up before you start washing them.

11.Practice Borrowing and Less Buying

If you’re going to use an item only once, you don’t need to buy a new one. You can instead borrow, rent, or buy a used one.

You can also share tools with neighbors.

For students, you can use the books in the school library instead of buying new ones.

There is a ton of digital books you can use online instead of buying digital ones.

12.Use LED Lights Instead of Light Bulbs

Many people prefer light bulbs because of the cost involved; however, considering the amount of energy and money saved in the long run, it’s better to buy LED lights.

13.Don’t run your dishwasher before it is full

This will help to save water and energy used to wash your dishes.

14.Avoid Paper Towels and Use Washable Rags Instead

When cleaning messes in the kitchen use washable rags instead of paper towels. This will help to save money and trees.

15.Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Use rechargeable batteries for all your gadgets at home including smoke detectors, remotes, etc.

This not only saves you money but also helps to minimize the disposing of dead batteries.

Go Green and Save Your Planet!

So there you have it. 15 easy ways to go green and save green. As you can see, every one of us can save the environment.

Start embracing a low-waste lifestyle today and save the planet.

Author Bio

Tiffany Harper is an environmental consultant who also offers essay writing services at She is also interested in helping people understand the need to save the planet and so she has been writing tons of articles about the topic in many publications out there. Tiffany is also the author of the paper writing service review

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