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12 Ways to Conserve Water Use in Your Office

Fresh water is one of the most necessary natural resources and the planet is slowly running out of it. Water is wasted everyday and that costs your business more money and strips the planet of its natural resource. To help you keep your water bill down and preserve this important resource here are twelve ways to conserve water in your office.

1.     Low Flow - If you change your toilets to low flow you will be saving gallons of water a day. Regular toilets use five gallons of water to flush. Low flow toilets only use two gallons. That is three gallons of water saved per flush. Showers and faucets can also be fitted with low flow aerator which will help lower your water bill cost.

2.     Showers - Restrict your workers to five minute showers. So much water is wasted just standing in the shower. Limiting time in the shower will help your employees use less water and give you savings.

3.     Fix Leaks - Check your office for any leaks. Even a small leak can cost you gallons of water in a month. Take the time to repair the leaks and make sure your pipes are sealed to prevent future leaks. Once a week stop water use and check your water monitor. If it is still running and no water is being used, you may have a leak. Call someone in to find the leak and fix it as soon as possible.

4.     Water Audit - Companies will come in and do a water audit in your office. This will help you see where your water is being wasted. The cost of the audit will be made up by the savings you will receive when you put the audits suggestions into action. They can also find water leaks that you have missed.

5.     Meetings - Be sure to get your employees on board with any changes you are implementing by having a meeting and explaining why it is important to conserve water. Give them the facts about water conservation and hear any ideas they may come up with to help curb water use in the office.

6.     Turn off Faucets - Remind your employees to turn off the water while lathering their hands. This simple act can save about two gallons of water per minute. That will help curb your water bill and conserve fresh water.

7.     Water Champion - You can appoint someone in the office to be a water project manager or water champion for the month. It will be their job to report any leaks and to keep track of water usage throughout the month.

8.     Sweep - Use a broom for cleaning and put the pressure washers away. Most spills and dirt can be swept up saving your company money on your water bill. Pressure washers should only be used if you are unable to sweep up the spill. Even then there should be a limit to how long the pressure washer is on.

9.     Landscaping - Plant native plants that require less water. Most native plants will flourish without the extra landscaping water use that grass needs. Native plants will look beautiful and give your landscaping a unique look. Less watering means more savings for you.

10.  Dishwashers - Make sure you have a water efficient dishwasher. This will use half as much water as a regular dishwasher with the same results. You should also only use the dishwasher only when you have a full load and scrape, not rinse, debris off the dishes before you load them into the dishwasher.

11.  Irrigation System - If you do need to water your landscape, install a drip irrigation system instead of sprinklers. How many times do you see sidewalks being watered with a spray system. Keep the water where it is needed with a drip irrigation system. Use the system in the morning when it is cooler to help conserve even more water.

12.  Heating and Cooling - If possible switch off your heating and cooling units after hours. This will help conserve water and energy and help you reduce costs.

Saving water is good for your company and the environment. Becoming water conscious will make your employees better stewards of the planet. Start implementing change today to help keep fresh water available to everyone.

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