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Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Review on PackHacker

Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle Review by Pack Hacker

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After more than a year of testing, the Vapur Eclipse has become one of our favorite compressible water bottles to date. The ridiculous compressibility vastly outweighs any minor cons with this bottle, including the lack of insulation and wonky drinking situations.

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The Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle is optimized for travel due to its ultra compressibility. The water bottle comes in all different colors and styles—the Eclipse being one of our trusty favorites. 

At times, it can be a bit awkward to drink out of due to it’s flexibility. However, you shouldn't have many issues when the bottle it completely full. But over at Pack Hacker, we’ll take a bit of awkwardness in exchange for optimal packing abilities. As a pro tip, make sure your water bottle is empty before rolling it up. (You’re welcome.) It’s really a steal for those travelers looking to travel light and pack minimally.

The carabiner has been incredible helpful when on-the-go—and probably one of our favorite features on this thing. You can hang the bottle off of any backpack or really anything you want.

After over a year of testing, we still haven’t found any major gripes—and we certainly haven’t found any leaks.

Check out our Pack Hacker’s full review here. 

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