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Inspiring Sustainable Travel Through Vlogging

Video blogging (vlogging) is an extremely popular form of digital content. Around 44% of web users watch some form of vlog as millions of people tune in to watch content creators like PewDiePie and Zoella.

However, vlogging is more than pure entertainment. Some of the most popular vloggers align their channels with a social cause they care about. YouTube vloggers like Mr. Beast have even created philanthropic charities designed to end world hunger and reduce poverty.

As a sustainability-oriented traveler, you can use your digital presence to inspire others to reduce their carbon footprint while traveling. This is particularly important today, as recently released NASA statistics show that CO2 levels have risen by over 100 million parts per million since 1960.

Building a Following

Growing a digital community can be tricky. Competition is fierce online as hundreds of other would-be vloggers are all competing to register with the algorithm and boost their profile. You can increase your chances of getting picked up by the algorithm by making strategic changes that will help you get more subscribers on YouTube like:

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