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Digital Nomad Packing List

Ever wonder how people manage to travel the world from a single backpack while working remotely? (And how they’re able to do it without losing their jobs?)

Well, the team over at Pack Hacker has the answer. They’ve just released The Digital Nomad Packing List—a comprehensive list of 81 items you can use to travel the world perpetually while working from a laptop. And it all fits in one backpack.

Cramming 81 items into a travel backpack might sound impossible, but if you choose the right items you can have all the functionality you’d come to expect without the bulk. Between things like compressible down jackets, foldable laptop stands, and compressible water bottles—it’s all about what you choose and how you pack it.

The Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle has made the digital nomad packing list thanks to its ultra-compressibility and carry-on-friendly features. Staying hydrated while traveling can be tricky, but not if you’ve got the right gear. Their pro tip? Pack a compressible bottle in your bag, keep it empty while going through security, and fill it up at a water fountain near your gate.

Ready to make your ultimate packing list? Head over to Pack Hacker to get started.


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