0.5L Standard

0.5L Standard

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My favourite water bottle of all time!

Review by Annabeth (on 11/23/12)


I loved this the moment I saw it! It flattens perfectly to squish into my cluttered dance bag. Although it doesn't hold alot, I love how it makes me drink more water and refilling it throughout the day makes me feel as if I'm drinking more. Can't wait to get more colours!

Purple water passion

Review by DogMom (on 10/29/12)


I get lots of attention and comments when I use this bottle. It's fun, functional and fantastic. So happy it comes in purple. For me there is no other color. It's great for the plane, fill up post security and I don't have to drink the skeevy water on the airplane that probably came from the plane's holding tank. Thanks Vapur!

Perfect for school!

Review by Lulu123 (on 10/25/12)


I love this bottle!!! I freeze before i go to bed and in the morning i take it out and go to school!! Then i have cold water all day! So far I have pink, blue,and gray but wishing to get the other ones! But i am very happy with it!


Review by aqstew2000 (on 9/14/12)


i love this water bottle more than anything! its light weight and i can bring it almost anywhere! i totally recommend it! i just they had the pink one,


Review by Janie (on 8/9/12)


I absolutely love my "Anti-Bottle." It folds up to practically nothing and comes in awesome designs!

Good but wishing for Element

Review by BigSugar66 (on 7/13/12)


My son has been bugging me for this so he can use it at school. We finally picked one up at our local bookstore and there is a $4 price difference in Canada (despite our dollar being on par with the US). It's good, he enjoys it but the cap is very tight and he can't open it on his own. I even have a hard time with it! The new "Element" line looks better and it says the cap is easier to open...I might have to get that for him and keep this "Classic" blue one for me...

Great Item

Review by Steven (on 7/13/12)


Great little item.I freeze my water in it and take to the golf course with me.


Review by cas (on 7/13/12)


This bottle is genius I have 2 and I bring them literally everywhere. I can honestly say after owning a vapur anti-bottle I will never buy a regular water bottle again.

perfect bottle

Review by sussi_11 (on 7/13/12)


I bought this bottle because it's perfect to carry with you every day all day long, no matter where you are. It takes few times less place in my bag. Perfect bottle + very cute design. You just have to love it.

There truly is NOTHING better!

Review by B8MAN (on 7/13/12)


This is the anti-bottle that started it all..My first love. It caught my eye at a local thrifty shop in town and I stood there, contemplating whether I should get it. I couldn't really afford it at the time but it just spoke to me. From the day I bought it, it has NEVER left my side! I drink SO much more water than I used to! It has been used every single day and for a good reason - It's the BEST! It's easy to clean, it's 'green', it's convenient and it's cute to boot! Whether it's walking around the lake with the kids, a road trip, to simply going shopping, it's what 1 would refer to as an 'essential'. Some won't leave the house without their make-up bag or their cell phone but my anti-bottle is THAT item to me! It clips on to anything, it's there for me when I need it and more importantly it's easy for my son! I don't have to worry about it dropping and hurting him, I don't have to worry about it breaking and cracking or denting.. I don't have to worry about ANYTHING! It's BPA free, it's USA made. Everything about this product is incredible! And what is the best part? I'm glad you ask!...When you're done, you don't have a clunky thing to lug around, no no my friends - You roll it or fold it and it can be put nearly ANYWHERE! Besides the fact it's attractive, convenient and incredible, they make the BEST gifts! So far I've given over 10 people these anti-bottles and I am CONSTANTLY telling people where to get them because I am stopped everywhere and compliments on it! Nobody loves this anti-bottle more!
This anti-bottle has been around for our families biggest milestones and moments (anniversaries, numerous birthdays, hospital trips and even the birth of our second child) and it's still holding strong! There is no such thing as a 'water bottle' in our house - Infact, my kids won't even know what one is!
Vapur WILL change your life and more importantly the planet!