0.5L Standard

0.5L Standard

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My first

Review by klwilcox (on 7/13/12)


The cyan blue bottle was my first Vapur and it won me over big time, so much so that I've bought more of the regular collection colors and shopped for the exclusives while on vacation! I love the fact that I can freeze Vapurs - that comes in really handy in the summertime. :-)

Great for Skiing and Hiking

Review by SnowBunny (on 7/13/12)


I love this bottle. It is easy to carry while hiking or to slip in your jacket while skiing. super light and easy to pack!

Awesome travel companion!

Review by Behyr (on 7/13/12)


I was traveling for work when I came across the Anti-Bottle in an airport. Knowing that I could not take liquids from outside security made this a great alternative to a large empty hard plastic bottle or spending $5 for a bottled water at the shops inside.I can pack it in my pocket or carry on and once through the security checkpoint I can fill it and have a drink the whole trip! What a great Idea and product.

Great Way to Stay Hydrated!

Review by Rachel (on 7/13/12)


This contemporary, stylishly designed hydration vessel is one-of-a-kind. It's .5 L size makes it simple and easy to keep track of your daily liquid consumption. But, it's not just stylish and healthy - it's also easy to use, dishwasher safe and freezeable! Two thumbs up!

I Love My Purple Vapur!!!!

Review by Shalonda (on 7/13/12)


I got my purple vapur bottle as a gift and it hasn't left my side since!!! It's so cute and easy to carry around...I love how it clips to my jeans when my hands are full, lol. I don't only use it as my favorite water bottle but also as a fashion accessory...It goes great with my purple shirts when I'm making a purple statement!!!! I can't wait to choose my next bottle (I have my eye on the cyan blue & cool grey)...((^_^))

love at first drink

Review by Louie (on 7/13/12)


my parents gave me this bottle as a gift and I instantly loved it. I am drinking a lot more water than I used to. I love the convenice of this water "antibottle" and I love talking about how great it is when people ask. it makes staying hydrated easy.

Great bottle, but caribiner hole breaks easilly.

Review by D (on 7/3/12)


I got this bottle for my son-in-law to use for his work. He works in timber management and climbs alot. The lightweight bottle is great for going up with him to provide much needed hydration throughout the day.

However....the hole that holds the carabiner doesn't hold up. It broke for him the first week he used it. He still uses it daily, but is disappointed he can't climb with it.

The new .7 liter bottle looks a bit better with the hook in the top, but it doesn't look like it is made to 'hang' while full. I am a little hesitant that it will hold up again. We will have to put a carabiner through that and try it.

Good but wishing for Element

Review by BigSugar66 (on 7/3/12)


My son has been bugging me for this so he can use it at school. We finally picked one up at our local bookstore and there is a $4 price difference in Canada (despite our dollar being on par with the US). It's good, he enjoys it but the cap is very tight and he can't open it on his own. I even have a hard time with it! The new "Element" line looks better and it says the cap is easier to open...I might have to get that for him and keep this "Classic" blue one for me...


Review by cas (on 7/3/12)


This bottle is genius I have 2 and I bring them literally everywhere. I can honestly say after owning a vapur anti-bottle I will never buy a regular water bottle again.

perfect bottle

Review by sussi_11 (on 7/3/12)


I bought this bottle because it's perfect to carry with you every day all day long, no matter where you are. It takes few times less place in my bag. Perfect bottle + very cure design. You just have to love it.