Say, "Aloha" to the Vapur Island Series! Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a hot spot for Vapur lovers. In the summer of 2011, Vapur released the Hawaiian-themed "Island Series" as an exclusive for these island goers.

As of 2012, Vapur made the Island Series available to Vapur fans across the globe. From Sunrise to Sunset, the Island Series includes two different prints, fitting for a morning excursion or a late night luau.


In 2010, after a successful holiday gift season in Macy's stores, Vapur designed an exclusive product for Macy' summer gift lounge. The Vapur Wetsuit, an insulated bottle cover, protects the .5L Anti-Bottle from the elements and keeps beverages colder, longer. It's equipped with a roomy, low-profile pocket, giving you a convenient place to store your keys, iPod, phone or energy gel. Hand washable and constructed of toxin-free neoprene, the Wetsuit is the ultimate Anti-Bottle accessory.

The Vapur Wetsuit is sold in a "Sports Pack," with a .5L Anti-Bottle included, in Macy's stores nationwide.


Eddie Bauer, the consummate outdoorsman, invented the first down jacket and outfitted the first Americans to summit Everest. The brand that bears his name continues to create and offer world-class adventure gear.

Vapur partnered with Eddie Bauer to design a custom series of Anti-Bottles, celebrating the heritage of their brand.


Vapur® began selling in New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2010. After the huge success of the Anti-Bottles in MoMA stores and a record breaking heat wave, Vapur® and MoMA partnered to create a custom, limited edition MoMA Anti-Bottle.

The .5L MoMA Anti-Bottle features a reflective MoMA logo on our signature Cyan Blue.