"It's BPA Free, it's USA made. Everything about this product is incredible!"

– Christa Bateman, Vapur Mom

Rainbow sticker for Quenchers

Hydrated Kids
are Healthier

Drinking enough water each and every day is critical for kids. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, making it difficult for little ones to perform even daily tasks let alone get an "A" on test day or score a winning goal in the big game.

Drink Up!

Happy hydrated kids with their Quencher bottles
Meet the Quenchers - Bo, Lolli, Fuse, Splash

Sugary drinks are a major cause of childhood obesity today, so what better way to keep kids healthy than by replacing those liquid calories with water in a cool, reusable Vapur Anti-Bottle!

8 Glasses a day
in a super fun way

Vapur Quenchers are here to keep kids everywhere happy, healthy and hydrated while giving waste the boot. Each lovable little Quencher comes with three sticker sheets of facial features and add-ons. Customize your Quencher, fill it, freeze it, pack it in your lunch and kiss thirst goodbye!

Check out the Quencher
game at VapurQuenchers.com!

Water & The World

Kids everywhere are raising funds with the Vapur Anti-Bottle to help better the world! Vapur partnered with the incredible organization RandomKid, founded by Talia Leman when she was just ten years old, to create "The Anti-Bottle Project." As a fundraising tool for youth across the world, the Anti-Bottle Project has helped build schools, fund clean water pumps and provide medical care.

If interested in fundraising with RandomKid, email antibottle@randomkid.org.

Talia Y. Leman, author of 'A Random Book about the Power of Anyone'
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