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By Olivia Wong

Arupokhari-1 is a sleepy village in the Gorkha District of eastern Nepal. It is home to roughly 600 sustenance farmers, school-aged children, buffalo, goats and exotic plant species. Although it is currently a peaceful community of smiling families living with tin roofs, straw huts and chickens, it has been scarred by a bloody civil strife that took the lives of over 15,000 Nepalese people between 1996-2006.

Inspire a Child, a global initiative to improve the lives of those in post-conflict and developing regions, came to Arupokhari-1 to create a soccer field and conjoining classrooms for the 230+ war-affected children at the Sarswati Peace School.

Supporting these efforts in Nepal, Vapur generously donated Anti-Bottles to the Inspire a Child group and local staff. In remote areas, such as Arupokhari-1 where it’s a 16 hour walk to the closest paved road, water is a symbol of life. There is no electricity and all of the village’s water sources come from one outdoor tap in a centralized location. Everyday you can see villagers, mainly young women and girls (as young as the age of four), carrying tin canisters to and from the tap to wash clothes, bathe themselves and for everyday nourishment.

Having the Vapur Anti-Bottles allowed us to carry water with us where ever we went, whether it was from our mud huts to school (an hour’s walk) or to the neighboring village, a severe climb four hours north. The Vapur Anti-Bottle became one of the most powerful tools we owned. It could transport enough water to last each person long stretches through Nepal’s scorching summer, yet light enough that it did not compromise the load we carried on our backs. Also, the Vapur Anti-Bottles left behind a lasting statement. It was a reusable, environmentally protective bottle that would not end up in a trash pile in front of a villager’s hut.

The effort by Inspire a Child to construct the field and two classrooms at the Sarswati Peace School resulted in an increase in primary education in the village and successfully empowered children through sports. Vapur helped to keep the Inspire a Child group hydrated throughout this journey.

Something most don’t know, Vapur Team members are avid music lovers and tunes are constantly streaming throughout the day at Vapur HQ. Music has always been a source of inspiration and expression, defining those that choose to listen by genres, trends and tastes. As a thread that binds people together, it’s no wonder that music festivals have become such a large part of the ultimate listener’s music experience.

But for those making their way to a music festival, it’s important to be equipped with the right tools and, as a foldable, reusable, easily stashable hydration solution, the Anti-Bottle has quickly become a festival “must have.” With the music-enthused Vapur Team on board and the Anti-Bottle already inducted, getting more involved in the festival scene was a natural step forward for Vapur.

This year, Vapur is the proud Hydration Sponsor of the second annual DeLuna Fest, hydrating over 40k festival goers and greatly reducing the waste caused by disposable bottles. The DeLuna Music Festival is held Sept 21-23, gathering music enthusiasts together on the beach of Pensacola, Florida.

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The Quenchers are our first series of do-it-yourself Anti-Bottles designed for kids and kids at heart. In a consumer-driven world, we felt that kids were the answer to finally dumping the disposable water bottle habit. The Quenchers became a kid-focused extension of the Vapur mission to make drinking good ole fashioned water easy, sustainable and fun! But in order to create the Quenchers, we had to get in touch with our inner child.

The goal was to ultimately develop a product that kids would love and that would help keep them hydrated while encouraging the use of reusable water bottles. With the Vapur Creative Team (Jason Carignan, Frez Ferrino, Grant England & Jenny Guy), coupled with the unique stylings of Mike Kunkel, a cartoonist with 20+ years of experience at studios like Warner Bros, Nickelodeon and Disney, the work began to bring the Quenchers to life.

After about a year of designing, prototyping, character development and kid-input, Bo, Lolli, Fuse and Splash (the Quenchers) arrived in the form of Vapur’s first customizable Anti-Bottles.

Now, these four lovable characters are on a mission to keep kids everywhere happy, healthy and hydrated while giving waste the boot! True to all Anti-Bottles, they’re proudly made in the United States, dishwasher safe, BPA-free and reusable. Each Quencher Anti-Bottle comes with three sticker sheets of facial features and add-ons, so little ones can create a hydration companion that’s uniquely their own. Check out VapurQuenchers.com to make a Quencher online and share it with your friends!


Take a Quencher home with you at Vapur.us!

Finally, a hand held hydration bottle designed to keep up with your active, outdoor lifestyle!

The new Vapur Element was designed to meet the hydration demands that our active/outdoor lifestyles require. So just what are the possibilities? We’ve sent out prototypes with our team that made it to the high peaks of snow-capped mountains, the rocky trail and everywhere in between. It not only withstood the elements, but has proven to be a marquee piece of gear for backcountry skiers, yogis, hikers and more.

Here is a sample of what we’re hearing from our testers:


Whether you ski inbounds, duck ropes or tour the backcountry, the Vapur Element is designed with you in mind.  The Element makes it easier than ever to stay hydrated while skiing because it fits discreetly into your jacket or shell pocket.  Plus, because it’s freezable you no longer need to worry about water bottle breaks on powder days!  Here are a couple of testimonials we’re recently received from resort and backcountry Vapur Element users:

“…The Vapur Anti-Bottle is absolutely awesome. It was perfect for the mountain, thanks to its flat-pack design; I just slipped it right into my shell jacket pocket. I’m obsessed with its utility and quality design,” according to an editor at Men’s Fitness magazine who tested the Element on a recent ski trip.

“[I] Took it on [a] hut trip this past weekend- was PERFECT for wine… oh and hydrating with H20 too! It didn’t take up space in the backpack and folded up when empty on ski out.” –Mary Jane Carroll, backcountry aficionado out of Durango, Colorado.

Mary Jane and her crew were humbled when they encountered a 1,000 ft. avalanche slide path hiking near Silverton, Colorado.  We’re thankful everyone had a safe, but epic trip!  Remember that backcountry skiing is not for novices. It’s important to check your avalanche forecast, have the right equipment and complete the proper training before participating in the sport.


Many of us love to warm up with hot yoga throughout the winter, especially with sore ski legs!  The Element is the perfect yoga accessory not only because is it lightweight and flexible, just like you, but because you can grab a quick sip in between poses without awkwardly trying to unscrew the cap and dropping it on the floor.  The Element’s Widemouth SuperCap™ allows you to fit ice cubes into the bottle, so your water will stay cold throughout the session.

Backpacking and Camping

The Element is car-camper and backpacker friendly, especially thanks to its antimicrobial lining.  Even if you’re without a dishwasher for several days, a simple rinse will keep that bottle sanitary thanks to the FDA approved, food safe antimicrobial lining that makes up the inner layer of the Element.  Remember to check out the list of warm winter camping getaways if you’re not into snow-caving!

Ice Climbing

After talking with several climbers, ice and alpine alike, we were shocked to hear that they rarely carry water due to the extra weight and bulk it causes.  “It’s bad…” one climber admitted.  The hydration solution for climbers lies in the all-new Vapur Element.  Lightweight? Check! Foldable? Check! Attachable? Check! It’s a no-brainer.

Stay tuned as we gear up for spring sports that are also Element-ready. From paddling, to alpine climbing, to cycling (and beyond) there will be plenty of tips to follow!

The Vapur Element launches in March 2012. Sign up to be notified when and where you get one for yourself by clicking here!

-The Vapur Team





The folks at GOOD Magazine recently posted this great video with enlightening thoughts about ways to save water every day. The video highlights how simple food and lifestyle choices impact our daily water footprint. We especially love the information graphics used — as always, the GOOD design team does an amazing job here! Have a watch and let us know you tips for saving water.

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