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We have always loved the international trendspotting site Springwise.com – now we have one more reason! Vapur was featured this week and the response have been tremendous.

In case you’ve never checked out the site, you’ll find thousands of the latest design and product trends from around the world. We read their newsletters religiously which remain an inspiration for all that Vapur is setting out to do.

Since Vapur launched a few weeks ago, we’ve noticed that a few people haven’t yet discovered how to drink from their Vapur with only one hand, and without spilling. The best way is to grab and drink from your Vapur along the seams of the bottle, not from the front or back. This helps you avoid squeezing and squirting water out. It also ensures the bottle retains air inside which helps it stand upright, even when only partially full.

For an example of what can happen when you grab and hold the bottle incorrectly, you can watch our other video: How NOT to drink from your Vapur.

Rolled, folded or flattened: New Vapur Anti-bottle meets increasing consumer demand for affordable, convenient and eco-friendly options to disposable plastic bottles

Vapur set to attend Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show

July 17, 2009

(Westlake Village, CA) The Vapur founders will be attending this year’s Outdoor Retailer show from July 20-24. They will also be helping facilitate the Bikeshare program on the South Plaza with the folks from Swobo bikes on Tuesday. Look for us here and at other show hot spots for your free Vapur before they hit shelves!



Vapur Set to Attend Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show