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No glass bottles allowed? This lightweight, BPA-free nylon vessel holds up to 750 ml of liquid, and collapses so you can easily stash it when you’re done.

Country Living Magazine

Brand introduces cocktail friendly totes

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. (July 2014) – Vapur®, designer and manufacturer of the original Anti-Bottle, unveils its new After Hours product line, including the Vintage Flexible Wine Carrier and the Incognito Flexible Flask.

Building on its hydration-friendly product line, the new Vapur series allows adults to enjoy their favorite After Hours libation no matter where adventure takes them. And like all Vapur Anti-Bottles, the After Hours line is manufactured in the United States and is ultra-durable, freezable, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free.

After Hours Styles:

Vapur® Vintage Flexible Wine Carrier

The Vapur Vintage flexible wine carrier is the most portable way to transport your vino without the weight of a breakable bottle! Outfitted with an easy screw cap and a peekaboo window, Vapur Vintage is built to hold up to one bottle of any wine variety. You’re now equipped to uncork for any adventure! MSRP: $11.99

Vapur® Incognito Flexible Flask

This is Vapur Incognito, the flask of the 21st century. With its flexible, low profile design, Incognito is the only way to transport your beverage, After Hours. So, tip one back to the flask revival and, as always, Live Flexible. MSRP: $6.99

The Vapur After Hours Vintage Flexible Wine Carrier and Incognito Flexible Flask are available online at www.vapur.us.


About Vapur, Inc.

Founded in 2009, California-based Vapur, Inc. is on a mission to make hydration incomparably portable. As the leading designer, marketer and distributor of reusable, handheld, collapsible hydration products, Vapur’s Anti-Bottles® have been adopted by athletes, celebrities, activists and families alike. The ultra-durable Anti-Bottle is proudly manufactured in the USA, BPA-free, freezable and dishwasher-safe. Privately held, with products available worldwide, Vapur contributes a portion of all sales to water-related and environmental causes. For more information, visit www.vapur.us and as always, “Live Flexible.”


Vapur® Unveils After Hours Product Line

The Vapur team headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, January 22-25. Despite the frosty air, Vapur’s week was nothing but bright as we took home three prestigious awards and a load of enthusiasm from fans. It was a whirlwind week of appointments, endless chitchat, and concerts (hello, Macklemore!) but here, in a nutshell, are the highlights!

Day 1, Vapur hosted an exclusive media lunch to unveil the MicroFilter, Vapur’s new, innovative filtration system. The MicroFilter is to be officially released spring 2013.

Outside magazine’s “Gear of the Show” is one of Outdoor Retailer’s most coveted awards. Out of hundreds of brands and thousands of products, the industry-leading magazine only hands out five awards per show. When editors dropped by the Vapur booth to deliver a giant placard announcing they’d picked the MicroFilter, needless to say, we were ecstatic!

Vapur’s recognition didn’t stop there; the MicroFilter also received a “Best in Show” award from Gear Junkie, as well as a “Best in Show” award from Gumption Gear for 2013 Outdoor Retailer.

Aside from the awards, Vapur took part in hosting a party with DeLorme, Wenger and YakTrax that featured Vapur Pro Team member, Polar Explorer, Eric Larsen.

Jonathan Dorn, outdoor adventurer and editor-in-chief of Backpacker magazine, moderated the event as Eric discussed his world-record-setting attempt to ride a bike to the South Pole (Vapur was a proud sponsor of Eric’s landmark “Cycle South” expedition). Event attendees were psyched to receive giveaways such as 0.7L Element Vapur Anti-Bottles, DeLorme, Wenger and Yaktrax products, free beer and, showstopper, a replica of the bike Eric road across Antarctica.

It was a landmark Outdoor Retailer for Vapur and we’re honored, humbled and beyond excited over the anticipation building for the new Vapur MicroFilter!

Vapur hosted media lunch to introduce new MicroFilter.

Ice Party by DeLorme, Wenger, Yaktrax and Vapur.

Polar Explorer, Eric Larsen at OR Ice Party

Vapur Team receiving Outside Magazine award.

Great Times in Salt Lake

Vapur Quenchers – Kids of all ages love Vapur’s collapsible “Anti-Bottles.” Shrink the size a bit and throw on some wacky character graphics and they are sure to be even more of a hit with little ones as they dig into their stockings. Available in four styles, each comes with a pack of stickers to personalize the little Quenchers. www.vapur.us

There’s No Rolling Around With Vapur! – 12/5/12

Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Anna Levesque.

My favorite thing about whitewater kayaking is that it keeps me in the present moment. To be successful I have to keep my focus on my next move and the rapids in front of me.  This is true whether I’m teaching on a Class II or challenging myself on a Class V. When I allow myself to get distracted I end up where the river wants to take me instead of where I want to go.  Distractions can show up in many different forms, including fear, obstacles in the river or… the feeling of a fat water bottle rolling around inside my boat.  I’ve trained myself to block out distractions and focus on the path in front of me, but eliminating distractions is even better. I was really excited the first time I used the Vapur Anti-Bottle and no longer had to deal with a bulky water bottle rattling around in my kayak!

To be fair, there are bungee cords in my kayaks that can help secure water bottles in place, but the bottles somehow always seem to sneak out. The first time I used the Vapur Anti-Bottle while paddling I was so excited that it fit nicely in the bungee chords because of the shape and clipped in easily with the small carabiner already attached! No need to carry heavy carabiners to attach a water bottle.

When I’m teaching and guiding I like to bring extra water in my boat and the only place to pack it is in the back with my first aid kit and throw bag. This is where I get a lot of movement from bulky, round water bottles unless I spend more time and energy packing float bags to fill up the space.  Vapur Anti-Bottles are wonderful because they don’t roll around even if there is a lot of space in the back of my kayak. Easy packing means I get to spend time on what matters most – helping my clients overcome fears, build confidence and develop their paddling skills.

The ‘no roll’ factor also makes Vapur Anti-Bottle perfect for SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) on flat-water.  Most boards don’t have attachments for water bottles on the decks and there is very little chance of a traditional round water bottle staying on the board while you try to balancing, paddling and tricks like pivot turns.  The Vapur Anti-Bottle lies flat on the deck of the board and doesn’t move around, especially if the board has a nice grip deck pad. I’ve even had my Anti-Bottle balance easily through a SUP Yoga class.

I love how the Vapur bottles pack down for travel so that I can easily carry them with me when I guide kayaking trips in Costa Rica or when I travel to Hawaii to SUP/surf.  It’s so nice to not have a bulky water bottle take up precious space in my luggage.

I’m hooked on Vapur and there’s no going back for me. How could I when that would mean inviting distraction back into my life with big, bulky, round water bottles? Vapur makes hydrating on the water easy, effective and they look amazing too! I’m grateful for all of it!


Anna’s class sporting their Anti-Bottles


Anna on the rapids


$12 – Since it rolls up into nothing, the Vapur Element refillable water bottle becomes every backpacker’s best friend. www.vapur.us

Men’s Journal

7th Annual Reel Rock Film Tour – 11/14/12

Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Laura Bylund

Vapur was the exclusive water bottle of the Reel Rock Film Tour screening in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, November 14th.  Organized by award-winning, even Emmy-nominated filmmakers, this climbing film tour has joined the ranks of the best adventure film tours in the world, now even outperforming most of them in its 7th year.

This leg of the tour is hosted by the official outdoor program at the University of California Santa Barbara and has been held in Isla Vista Theater, one of the largest venues of its hundreds of stops worldwide, since the tour’s inception.

“We had a record-breaking year for pre sale tickets,” said UCSB Adventure Programs Marketing Coordinator, Rachel Glago, “and would like to think it had something to do with the promise of free Vapur Anti-Bottles to the first 45 people through the door.”

“Everyone was really excited when they got the water bottles at the beginning of Reel Rock,” said Spencer Owen, who showed up early with his roommates. “We were excited about the portability and possibilities, how they are going to be much better than carrying around heavy, solid bottles.”

Twenty more outdoor Element Vapur Anti-Bottles were given away to a very enthusiastic crowd over the course of the night with one lucky winner received the Vapur “trifecta,” a half liter Reflex, a coveted one liter-sized Element Anti-Bottle and made complete with a “Designed to Perform” Vapur T-shirt.  Needless to say, that guy was STOKED.

Event coordinator, Meagan Gibson commented on how amazingly smooth and well the night went. “It was so great to have Vapur as a sponsor because so many people walked away with a prize!”

“I saw a lot of people hooking the carabiner to their jeans and commenting on how cool and innovative they were,” said UCSB student and Climbing Center employee, Kelsey Hargrove. “I’ll definitely be using it to carry around to classes and work.”

7th Annual Reel Rock Film Tour