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With headquarters near the Cali coast, it’s a no-brainer that our team here at Vapur, and our families, has summer plans to lounge, surf and swim as much as possible at the beach.  We can guess that many of you have similar plans this summer, no matter which coast you’re on.  But before you find yourself burying your feet in the sand, shading your face under your sun hat, or learning how to SUP, Vapur offers up a handy prep list to make the most of your day at the beach.

Here are some must have’s for your beach bucket, with our Beach “Bucket” List. With a little something for everyone in the family, our list will keep you cool and hip whether your plans include building towering sand castles, catching the biggest waves, or just getting lost in the infinite horizon.

Vapur’s Top 10 Beach “Bucket” List:

1 — Fill and freeze at least one Vapur Anti-Bottle for each member of the family.  Although jumping into the waves seems to cool you off, don’t forget that your body is still losing water through sweat!  Refuel by keeping your foldable, reusable, BPA-free Vapur Anti-Bottle handy.  Pop them in the freezer the night before your trip to keep your water cool throughout the day.

2 — Bring plenty of waterproof, all natural sunscreen.  To find the best sunscreens that protect without nasty chemicals, visit the Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen Guide.

3 — Don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses that are 100% protected from UVA and B rays.  There are also plenty of options for the little ones.

4 — Choose a wide-brimmed, UV-rated hat to cover your face, neck, and shoulders from the harsh summer sun.

5 — Pack simple, healthy snacks—Most beaches nationwide don’t serve food and many that do, offer unhealthy foods, sweets and sodas.  So, pack a healthy picnic and chill all day long without the beach bloat and sugar crash!

6 — Bring a reliable, practical beach tote.  Waterproof, mesh bags are great because they allow the sand to fall through so you won’t tote the beach home with you.

7 — Bring plenty of over-sized beach towels for lounging, picnicking, and diaper changing!

8 —  If the beach you’re visiting is dog friendly, why not bring the pup? With some doggy treats and a favorite toy, Fido can chase waves all day.

9 — With kids, beach balls and buckets galore, you may want to invest in a toy hauler.  We find that the big-wheeled beach wagons plow through the sand for a smoother ride.

10 — Pack a good book!

The surf is up here in SoCal, so we are checking off our Beach “Bucket” List and heading out for some fun in the sun!  Wishing all our friends and family a fun and safe summer at the beach.  Happy hydrating!

-The Vapur Team

Boxes of chocolates, heart-shaped candies, ice cream, movies and big meals… that’s right, Valentine’s Day is once again upon us. Are you an active couple or single looking for a way to escape the barrage of calories? Grab your Vapur Anti-Bottle and get your heart racing by doing something active with the one you love this year!

Here’s a list of activities ranging from simple to more involved (for those who can’t help but go all out) to have a holiday that will help your heart in more ways than one.

The Lighter Side

Go on a romantic hike, bike ride or even camping! There’s nothing more romantic than sleeping under the stars. Plus a 60 minute hike burns around 405 calories. Cap it all off around the campfire and do some cooking and maybe even fill up your Vapur with a little bubbly to celebrate. Check out this list of warmer places to escape winter and make a weekend out of it by clicking here.

If you’re stuck in the cold with no escape, heat things up by hitting the snow and… get a little closer by sledding or tubing together. Feel like turning it up even more? Try skiing or snowboarding! Be sure to slip your Vapur Anti-Bottle into your coat to stay hydrated on the slopes. And what’s the best thing to do after a long day in the snow? Cuddle up by the fire! (Ok, if we have to).

(Don’t) Put Down Your Phone: Geocaching Hunt
Think of it as a high-tech treasure hunt! Pack a picnic and get creative with your tech-savvy partner and go on an exploration. Perhaps plan a picturesque location to surprise your partner with and even add other fun stops along the way. To learn more about how to setup a geocaching hunt visit here and to find out about GPS smartphone apps you can use, check out this list.


Make Your Heart Race

Valentine’s Day-themed races continue to get more popular, because there’s nothing sexier than working up a sweat while staying healthy with the one you love! So, what better way to celebrate your active lifestyle together than to sign up for a race and enjoy a fun, healthy activity? Maybe even use it to kick off a year of doing races together as a couple! Here’s a list of V-Day races going on around the USA at Active.com.

Perhaps you want to pick up a new skill and turn up the romance? Sign-up for for an exercise or dance class together. That’s right, salsa! Not only will you wow all your friends, but an hour of aerobic activity can burn almost 500 calories! Add that to the box of cream-filled candies you aren’t eating and you’re pretty set.

If that all sounds great but just isn’t realistic for you this year, consider taking the dogs for a walk, do an extended stroll at a local park or do a little ice skating before your traditional plans. Staying active is a great way to enjoy yourself and enjoy spending time with your partner. This year consider making a change to that “same old routine” and add some spark by getting off the couch and away from the restaurant table to be creative and active with one of these fun ideas.

And of course, don’t forget to stay hydrated with your Vapur! Even get one for your significant other, because nothing says, “I love you” quite like hydration. In honor of Valentine’s Day, now through February 17th, we’re celebrating happy, hydrated hearts by donating $3 to the American Red Cross for every Vapur Anti-Bottle sold on our website!