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Professionals Eric Larsen, Anna Levesque and Laura Bylund Represent Vapur

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. (September 10, 2012) – Vapur, designer and manufacturer of the innovative Anti-Bottle, is pleased to expand its relationships with three North American outdoor athletes and explorers; Eric Larsen, Anna Levesque and Laura Bylund. Their adventures will take Vapur Anti-Bottles to the ends of the earth (quite literally!) and their experience in the field will offer insight into what extreme outdoor athletes and adventurers demand.

“Since the launch of our flagship outdoor product, the Element, Vapur has been developing relationships with professionals and enthusiasts in the outdoor industry in order to gain insight, further develop technical lines and to have key players represent the Vapur brand,” said Vapur Marketing Manager, Jenny Guy. “Vapur is very proud to be aligned with these great athletes.”

With a lightweight, portable, functional and easily packable design, these respected individuals of the outdoor realm have chosen to represent Vapur and the Anti-Bottle as members of the official Vapur Pro Team. Vapur Anti-Bottles have proven to withstand extreme temperatures, brave the rapids, and hang on at great heights, offering the ultimate hydration solution for outdoor athletes. As Vapur Anti-Bottles are put to the test, Eric, Anna and Laura will offer invaluable feedback that will help Vapur products evolve throughout the R&D process.

Eric Larsen, a modern day explorer and expedition guide, has spent the last 15 years traveling the most remote and wild places on earth. Eric was the first person to ever paddle through the North Pole in the summer and then to the South Pole. He is also one of a few Americans to have skied to both poles. The seasoned backcountry ranger has dog-sledded in the Canadian arctic and summated Mt McKinley, among many other expeditions. He has been named an Outside Magazine Eco All Star.

Anna Levesque is a world-class whitewater kayaker and instructor dedicated to enhancing the lives of women through kayaking, yoga and travel through her company, Girls at Play. Anna has over 15 years of experience as an accomplished international kayaking competitor, instructor and guide, making her a leading expert in her field. She was a member of the Canadian Freestyle Kayak Team from 1999 to 2003 and earned a bronze medal at the Freestyle World Championships in 2001. She placed in the top 3 in several freestyle competitions and extreme races during that time and has paddled in over 10 countries around the world.

Laura Bylund is a dedicated Outdoor Rope Rigging Professional Specializing in rock climbing, canyoneering and rope rescue systems. Laura shares her enthusiasm for climbing by educating students as Climbing Program Manager at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) Adventure Programs. As a freelance guide, certified instructor and stunt rigor, Laura lives her passions daily.

For more information, visit http://vapur.us/proteam.


About Vapur, Inc.

Founded in 2009, California-based Vapur, Inc. is on a mission to make hydration incomparably portable and convenient. As the leading designer, marketer and distributor of reusable, handheld, collapsible hydration products. Vapur’s complete line of Anti-Bottles® have been adopted by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, celebrities, green activists, government agencies, fashion gurus, and families alike. Vapur’s ultra-durable Anti-Bottles® are proudly made in the USA, BPA-free, freezable and dishwasher-safe. Vapur is privately held, with products available in 13 countries worldwide and contributes a portion of all sales to water-related and environmental causes. For more information, visit www.vapur.us and as always, “Live Flexible.” Follow Vapur on Facebook or join the conversation on Twitter.


Vapur® Establishes Pro Team

Climbing Adventure for Kids at UC Santa Barbara ~ August 6-24, 2012

Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Laura Bylund

The Vapur Anti-Bottle’s colorful presence graced the Climbing Adventure for Kids this August at UC Santa Barbara.  This 3-week climbing camp serviced over 40 young climbers of all skill levels between the ages of 6 and 13 years.  Vapur was there each of the three weeks keeping them hydrated and fit for climbing through the summer heat.

The climbers learned the ever important skills of how to conduct a thorough safety check before leaving the ground and how to communicate so they can focus on their movement on the wall.  They engaged in a multitude of exercises to help them move up in climbing grade, with much focus on the most important thing and what is often forgotten in good climbing, their feet!

The kids learned the proper orientation for placing their toes on the wall, how to effectively grip climbing holds, techniques for best preserving strength and energy and shifting their weight for lateral movement.  They put these new skills to the test while bouldering, traversing through hula hoops, playing wall twister and braving their project route on the high wall.

“This was the most successful year by far,” said Luke Hetzel, the camp’s founding Lead Instructor. “It feels we have finally been established as a reputable and desirable kids camp and having a company like Vapur provide a quality product for everyone made it feel even more official.”

Many of the kids had their light weight Anti-Bottles conveniently hanging from their shorts or harnesses while traversing or going up the 30 foot sections.  With all of this exhausting climbing activity, it was good to have Vapur kids water bottles there as a bright and accessible reminder to keep drinking water.

It was all the more fitting to promote an environmentally friendly product in the first ever LEED certified recreation center, 100% powered by 816 photovoltaic solar panels on its tall roof, the UCSB Multi-Activity Center.

“It was a lot of fun, ” Hetzel said, “and was really special to be able give the kids a useful and sustainable gift.”


Vapur Pro Team member, Laura Bylund, in coordination with Vapur, made a contribution of Anti-Bottles to the kids involved with the camp.