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  • August 22nd, 2013
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VAPUR – The Incognito flexible flask offers 300ml of a favorite libation. The reusable flask is collapsible, made in the USA and the best way to ensure cocktail hour is always accessible. SRP is $6.99. Also check out the new ShakeFilter, a portable and biodegradable filter that reduces unwanted odor and taste from tap water. SRP is $4.99.

Inside Outdoor

Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Jake Norton.

I think a lot about water. Whether it’s flowing down a river, buried deep in underground aquifers, or perched in glaciers clinging to the high peaks, it’s a magical thing, the essence of life on Earth. Without it, we can’t survive, nor can the myriad creatures sharing the planet with us.

And yet water is one of the most threatened resources today. From increasing demand to waste and mismanagement, climate change to development and pollution, the world’s fresh water supplies are in trouble. In the developing world, some 800 million people live daily without access to safe water. Roughly 2.5 billion don’t have adequate sanitation. (What this means in layman’s terms is that they live in constant fear that what just came out of their bodies might reenter with their next drink of water.) Water is a huge issue in the developed world, too. The mighty Colorado River, lifeblood to 36 million people across the desert southwest, for example, was recently named America’s most endangered river.

Fortunately, there are lots of great people and great organizations working hard on the problem. From the World Wildlife Fund to American Rivers to my friends and Challenge21 partners at Water For People, there is a lot of focus and attention on the global water crises and solutions.

Since 2011, I’ve focused my climbing on drawing attention to the water issues, and raising money for Water For People and their solutions. While by no means a water expert, my experiences with water have taught me one thing: there is no single, simple solution. Global water issues – just like a river – touch many areas, and flow through diverse, divisive issues like human development, wildlife and ecosystem conservation, climate change, economic development, human rights, cultural norms and traditions, etc. Bringing safe water to Village X is not as simple as sinking a well, checking the flow, and calling it a day, for the safe water flowing from the tap today could well be disrupted tomorrow by many factors upstream.

In a couple weeks, I’ll be heading off to India with my friends and colleagues, Pete McBride and David Morton. Our focus on the trip is to tell the story of the world’s most revered and reviled river, the Ganges. We’ll start in the high Garhwal Himalaya attempting the unclimbed Chaukhamba IV at the true source of the Ganges, and then follow the river 1,500 miles to its terminus at the Bay of Bengal.

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The Ganges River is believed by some 1 billion Hindus to be an incarnation of the divine. Millions depend on it for survival, and its waters are the very lifeblood of the Subcontinent. But it is under great threat. Climate change is wreaking havoc on the glaciers which feed it in the north. Nuclear power and industrial wastes pollute it all along its course. An estimated 1.5 billion liters of untreated human waste are dumped into it every day. By the time it reaches the Bay of Bengal, the holy waters of the Ganges are a sickly shadow of the alpine ice from which they came.

This autumn, thanks to great support from sponsors like Microsoft, Eddie Bauer, Vapur, and more, we’ll tell the Ganges’ story through the eyes of those who love it and hate it, protect it and pollute it, revere it and revile it.

It’s going to be an arduous and exciting journey – and one which will put our Vapur MicroFilters to the test! Please tune in and follow along…the adventure begins on September 5th.

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Ganga Source to the Sea Expedition

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The Incognito Flexible Flask by Vpaur has room for 10 ounces of your favorite libation. It’s collapsible, reusable, made in the USA, and the best way to ensure cocktail hour is always accessible.

Outdoor Retailer Daily: Day 4

  • August 14th, 2013
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“Anti-Bottle” Caters to the Eco-Savvy Consumer”
Jason Carignan, Dave Czerwinski and Brent Reinke wanted to start a hydration revolution. The trio combined their professional experience in marketing and branding with with their passions, which included environmentally sound solutions to everyday problems, and started Vapur, a Westlake Village-based company that produces environmentally friendly, collapsible, foldable water bottles.


Spirit of Small Business Awards

  • August 14th, 2013
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Jason Carignan, Vapur: “The hydration category in general is still very strong. This past year, the industry saw a significant increase in hydration product sales while many other categories declined. People are still drinking water and people are more active than ever. However, we believe that there is bound to be some fall-out among the ‘me too’ players selling parody polycarbinate, stainless and aluminum bottles.”

Outdoor Insight

Meet the most versatile water bottle on the planet. The New Vapur Element features a patented flexible design that is lighter and easier to hold than rigid water bottles – and folds flat when empty to go virtually anywhere – to keep you hydrated no mater where your travels take you. Available in .07L and 1.0L sizes.

Horizon Travel & Lifestyle Magazine

  • July 29th, 2013
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Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Eric Larsen.

I’m not going to lie. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from summer. Sure I remember the day it got so cold that the pipes burst in my elementary school – canceling classes for two days, getting my first pair of cross country skis and even sleeping out in a snow cave at 40 below zero, but those are fleeting snapshots. Not nearly as substantial as the long and drawn out scenes from the summers of my youth.

As a kid, I loved summer. Waking up each morning, I felt there was unlimited possibility and adventure. I have more than one story of the ‘one that got away’ when fishing on the creek behind my house. As I got older, my bike was primary means of escape, and with map in hand, I rode nearly every back road within a 50-mile radius of my house. In high school, I participated in several canoe trips in northern Minnesota and Canada. I remember being half way through a two-week trip and thinking, ‘I still get to be out here for one more week’. There is no doubt in my mind that each one of those experiences laid a critical stone in foundation for my career as a professional ‘explorer’.

Despite having accomplished far more formidable goals since that time, my friend and I still talk about the those experiences. Despite all the adventures and misadventures, one thing that still surprises us is what we were able to accomplish despite our equipment and gear. My rain coat was more like a sponge, our tents leaked and we carried way too much of everything. Funny enough, we even took milk jugs for our water. Even then we knew that the big metal canteens (pretty much all that was available) were too heavy and bulky to be effective on long trips. Not surprisingly, had Vapur Anti-Bottles been available then, we would have cashed in our piggy banks to snatch up several.

As an adult, I spend an inordinate amount of time in cold places. In Antarctica or the Arctic, I live without nearly every physical amenity and comfort. Most days, I try not to think about what I’m missing out on. Still when things get really low, I remember those warm days of summer from my youth fondly and I am immediately warmed.

It has been a busy couple of months at EL Explore world headquarters (otherwise known as my basement). Polar Expedition travel is hardly the glamour stoked arena of nearly every other sport in the world (not that I’m complaining of course). Planning and preparing for these adventures takes months of preparation, training and fundraising. Next spring, I’ll be making an unsupported speed record attempt on the North Pole – easily the hardest expedition on the planet.

I’m also launching a year-long project called Explore the Extremes. Traveling to the some of the world’s most ‘extreme’ environments, we’ll also be tying in the adventure with a series of leadership initiatives. To launch this program, we’re releasing the first of a seven book series at Outdoor Retailer next week in the Vapur booth. If you’re at the show stop by for a book and Vapur Anti-Bottle on Wednesday, July 31st from 1-3 pm.

I spent a few nights out in the Wenimuche Wilderness last week. Located in one of the most remote counties in the U.S., it is also one of the largest wilderness areas in the U.S. We hiked awestruck by the stunning peaks and views. In the evening, we relaxed on warm rocks and watched a nearly full moon rise over a nearby ridge.

Soon, I will be on my way to the North Pole struggling through the pack ice and open leads of the Arctic Ocean and my small Wenimuche campsite will be another memory keeping me warm on a cold day.

Think Snow!


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Summer Nostalgia

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Travel Picks: The blogger from the Travel Bite shares products to make your summer trip no sweat!
SPACE SAVER “Dodge the $6 bottles of water at the airport and fill this one up. It even packs flat!” Shades Anti-Bottle

People Magazine

Foldable Water Bottle
Tired of toting bulky empty water bottles on the trail? Once you’ve drunk the half liter of water held by the reusable Reflex Anti-Bottle, you can fold up the container and tuck it into a saddlebag, fanny pack, or even a pocket. An odor-resistant, BPA-free lining keeps the freezable, dishwasher-safe bottle taste-free. A side clip lets you attach the bottle to your saddle or a belt loop for easy access on the trail. Available in gray, green, pink, purple, orange, and cyan. Cost: $9.99. Contact: Vapur, Inc.,

The Trail Rider