In recent months, it has been brought to our attention that counterfeit bottles have been made, distributed and sold throughout the greater Asian and North American regions.

Our greatest concern with these counterfeits is the confusion and harm it’s caused to our consumers who purchased these imitations thinking that they were authentic Vapur Anti-Bottles. This is why we are posting this blog. If you think you have been taken advantage of by these counterfeiting schemes, please read below to find the differences between real Vapur Anti-Bottles and the imitations. If you find that you have purchased a counterfeit bottle, please email us at

1) Authentic Vapur Anti-Bottles are proudly made in the United States and say so on the bottle and packaging.

The counterfeits say “Made in China” on the back, bottom portion of the bottles, as well as on the upper lefthand corner of the packaging.

2) Authentic Vapur products have high-quality components.

The counterfeit caps are all white and also made of flimsy material, making them easier to bend and smaller than authentic Vapur caps. In the Fall of 2010, Vapur introduced the clear cap on the Anti-Bottle, which is sturdier and tighter fitting.

On the counterfeits, the carabiner is thinner than authentic Vapur carabiners. Also, the Vapur logo has also been omitted from the counterfeit carabiners. All authentic Vapur carabiners are equipped with the Vapur logo.

3) Look for new version of Vapur packaging or stand-up feature of discontinued Vapur packaging.
The packaging of counterfeit bottles imitate Vapur’s discontinued packaging design. Also, the packaging that the counterfeit bottles come in have a green bottle image on the packaging with “GREEN” written as a description, regardless of whether or not the bottle it comes with is green.

The trademark symbol (™) is also removed from all “Vapur” logos on the counterfeit packaging. The counterfeit packaging is only 1 ply of paperboard. The counterfeit packaging is unable to stand up and also does not have the folds on the bottom of the packaging that enables it to stand.

Vapur: The Original Anti-Bottle

Vapur is committed to the products we produce and the fans that use them. We are constantly working to improve, design and redesign these products, so that the consumer and the planet benefit from the final result.

In Fall 2010, Vapur switched to a new, improved look for the Anti-Bottle’s design and packaging. The original Anti-Bottle is now .5L/18oz (two more ounces than its predecessor), the logo on the bottle is now solid instead of outlined and the water droplet map of the world is now fashionably on both sides of the bottle.

As you will see in the image provided below, our packaging has a modern, slimmer design and feel, using 50% less paper to print than our previous packaging and creating a lot less waste. See image below for the most current authentic Vapur Anti-Bottle in updated Vapur packaging. All bottles purchased after December 2010 should look like this, with the exception of Macy’s Vapur Anti-bottles and custom Vapur Anti-Bottles.

True Vapur

  • Valerie

    Is there any way I can report where I bought a made in China bottle?

  • Jenny Guy

    Feel free to email us at

  • samsy

    Promotion River (china Main Land) are selling them on Alibaba. Thank God I saw your website before ordering it from them.