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This post was written* by Dave Polivy, owner of Tahoe Mountain Sports. When Dave is not working hard to find the best products to carry in his shop, he is out adventuring, traveling and putting all the awesome outdoor products that TMS carries to the test!

Being the gear buyer for an outdoor store might sound like a glory job, but in reality, sifting through and finding the best products to offer your loyal customers is a daunting task because of the millions of consumer-focused products that are available in a wide range of categories. Every year I go to countless trade shows, conferences and product demos to try and find the best gear on the market to ensure that Tahoe Mountain Sports has the highest quality products with all the right stuff and at the right times.

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When I first found Vapur at the Outdoor Retailer show a few years back, their products really stood out to me for their durability, cool looks and overall message to create the best reusable water bottle on the planet. We quickly brought in the 0.7L and 1.0L Element Anti-Bottles along with some of their kid’s products.

Fast forward to Spring of 2013, and Vapur sends me an email touting their new Vapur MicroFilter, weighing in at just 2.7 ounces with the capability of purifying more than 500 liters of water with one filter. In the past few years, with companies like Platypus, Evernew and even Under Armour jumping on the soft water bottle train, this was the first I had heard of a company trying to marry the weight and functionality of a soft water bottle, with a field-ready water filtration system. As any gear dork would, I had envisioned this marriage from the beginning, as it seemed the ideal way to shave the weight of a pump filtration system and combine it with an awesome soft water bottle. Keep in mind, I was already a soft water bottle convert and if you are not by now, then look out for a future TMS post about why soft water bottles are better than rigid!

I quickly hit reply to the email and made sure Tahoe Mountain Sports was on the list to receive this exciting new product the second it was ready to hit the shelves. We got our shipment in early June and it just so happened that my wife and I had a trip planned to hike to the top of Mt. Whitney to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. I will not sidetrack here, but celebrating any anniversary with a 22 mile hike ascending 6,000+ vertical feet in one direction might have been a silly idea, but as co-owners of a specialty outdoor shop in the heart of Lake Tahoe, what more could any wife ask for?

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I thought this would be one of the best places to test out the new Vapur MicroFilter because:

1) Such a long, high and exposed hike was going to demand 5-7 liters of water.
2) My Deuter Streamer reservoir could only hold 3 liters and I hate carrying more water than needed at any given time due to weight.
3) There would be ample water supply along the way.
4) I love testing gear out in the field, so what better situation to put the Vapur MicroFilter to the test.

First – Compactness of the entire system. The best feature of soft water bottles is that you can scrunch, roll, fold, and really do whatever you want to make them as small as possible when not in use or full of water. Although, one of the first things you will notice about the MicroFilter is your ability to roll, fold and flatten is limited unless you remove the filter first. Because 60 meters of hollow fiber membrane is packed into a compact, hard casing, the Vapur MicroFilter can be flattened and the bottom quarter can be folded up to a very compact size, just not as small as a soft bottle with no filter. Still smaller and lighter than any other filtration system I have ever used, this wasn’t a deal breaker.

Vapur Blog_TMS 4

Second – filling the bottle. I was a bit concerned it would be difficult to fill up or top-off with the MicroFilter, especially in a shallow stream like the ones found during the summer in the High Sierra. But, because the cap and thread area are made of a harder plastic, the bottle retains a fairly wide opening and does not collapse on itself. If you have ever used a hydration reservoir, you probably understand that sometimes the inside plastic can stick to itself, making filling a total pain. Not so with the Vapur MicroFilter – it was easy to fill in a variety of environments from lakes and streams to rivers. Beware, you do have to get down on some rocks or banks to immerse the bottle in the water. If you get some sediment while filling the bottle from a natural source, not to worry, that is what the filter is for…

Vapur Blog_TMS 5

Finally – filtration flow rate. I used the MicroFilter a few times throughout the day, mostly when I was trying to conserve my reservoir water for the 3 hours above any water sources (12,000 ft and above) and again when my reservoir ran dry late in the day. With first use, my snap judgment was that it was slow, hard to squeeze the water through and I couldn’t use all the water in the bottle if it was inverted…  Aside: I, as some can relate, usually demand clean drinking water to be fast, efficient, immediate and thirst quenching now. While this product provided exactly that, without the chemicals, pumping or batteries other brands require, it wasn’t the simple straw, easy flow solution your basic carbon filter provides.  I was frustrated and frankly disappointed given my love for Vapur’s other soft bottle lines.

But then, I had an “AHA!” moment. I was being hard on this product. I had hugely high hopes for a product that was not really designed to meet those specific expectations. So, I sat on a long for awhile, pondered the usefulness of this product and came up with a few conclusions:

  • For the size, weight and ease of use, this product really cannot be beat.
  • The flow rate of this product is necessary if you want safe drinking water.
  • The price of this product is exceptional for its level of filtration.
  • The Vapur MicroFilter is probably more suited for emergency settings, backup filtration options, long day hikes where additional water will be needed or just for piece of mind.
  • Currently, nobody else is producing a product quite like this on the market: a flexible bottle with a filter of this capacity. So, kudos to Vapur for taking chances and getting awesome new products into the hands of people everywhere.
  • Vapur has already made improvements to the MicroFilter since this test and there are talks of a next generation MicroFilter in the works. In these updates, it is said that flow rates will be improved, as well as the ability for the water to enter the filter at the top and the bottom; which will assist in the not being able to drink from the MicroFilter while the bottle is inverted.
  • Managing high expectations is quite hard, but this product did perform exactly as claimed and I was truly pleased with it once I adapted to the capabilities and limitations of this type of technology.

If you have any questions or comments about my experience with the Vapur MicroFilter, feel free to leave them in the comments of this post or visit the Tahoe Mountain Sports Blog for additional gear reviews, videos and pretty pics like the one below!

– Dave Polivy, owner of Tahoe Mountain Sports.

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*Vapur edited and approved this blog post.

Using the Vapur MicroFilter In the Field

  • September 3rd, 2013
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Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Laura Bylund.

Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, UCSB Department of Recreation and Vapur, July 22-26, 2013

Every summer, about 45 children and teens with disabling diseases, disorders and spinal cord injuries come from far and wide to the UCSB Recreation Center for a week of intense sporting organized by Santa Barbara Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital. They play basketball and volleyball, racquetball and rugby. They go swimming and handcycling, and have tennis lessons with three-time Paralympian, Anthony Lara. They also engage in adventure activities such as kayaking, ropes course, SCUBA and, of course, what kind of sports camp would be complete without rock climbing?

Real interest in adaptive climbing has been sparked among many wheelchair users across the globe. Perhaps it is the sport of rock climbing becoming more mainstream, or maybe inspiration from famous disabled athletes such as blind mountaineer, Erik Weihenmayer, incomplete tetraplegic competition climber, Fran Brown and the more recent scaling of El Capitan by Stephen Wampler, who has cerebral palsy. Either way, despite the growing interest, working with people with disabilities is still a very complex and out of the ordinary thing for most vertical sports professionals and high angle rope workers.

The Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp has both excited and panicked me for nearly a decade. Beyond the usual concerns that come with any children’s program, including the naturally worrisome parents and doting caretakers, each year purports a completely new test for me and my staff. The kids come to us both excited and terrified themselves, and we are responsible for the quality of their experience.

As vertical world risk managers, harnessing and handling these courageous 6 to 19 year-olds is some of the most challenging work we do. Helping them get to the top isn’t the hard part; we have strong arms and mechanical advantage to thank for that. It is more the meticulous setup and unconventional hard and soft skills that go with it.

We rely on camp staff and volunteers to ask the right questions and transfer the person when necessary for outfitting. Even in my 9th year, I still feel uncomfortable asking whether a camper can support him/herself while we slip the harness on. And while those aforementioned inspirational climbers have painstakingly whittled their systems down to a science, we are given but minutes to determine a specialized setup for each child.

“You’re pretty buff, right?” I ask a camper named Alex from one of the younger groups. This is my standard question for those with high functioning upper bodies. “Yesss!” he replied in a deep voice, flexing his biceps, fists clenched overhead with a bodybuilder grunt.

Vapur Blog_LB WSC 2

Alongside the lighthearted joking nature, this is actually useful information when determining how to connect campers into the system; the stronger their arm and trunk strength, the less intensive the harnessing. Able-bodied rock climbers take their basic abilities for granted, using core strength to stay upright during a fall.

Paraplegics and quadriplegics have decreased muscular tone in their lower extremities, contributing to a top heaviness that makes them very likely to flip over when they let go of the wall or are simply lifted from their wheelchair. A typical seat harness alone is not enough, warranting the integration of a chest or full body harness and even a head sling in extreme cases.

Vapur Blog_LB WSC 6

With safety as the overall goal, comfort and functionality is closely considered. One of the most difficult things to do is put yourself in their climbing shoes. We take precautions to keep body parts such as knees and elbows from dragging against the abrasive wall.

We also need to think about the less noticeable discomforts. It’s hard to imagine not being able to wiggle around in your harness or stand up on something when your feet start to tingle. Some of these campers wouldn’t even be able to feel the sensation of decreased blood flow to their limbs, which can be very dangerous! Prolonged suspension with limited mobility can lead to harness induced pathology, or orthostatic syndrome, which is a major concern.

Even with my (hopefully) silent and somewhat farfetched paranoia, I eagerly look forward to this camp every single year. It just so happens to be the most rewarding work we do. I usually finish the week with a sense of accomplishment, feeling like I did something important to better the lives of these children. For some, it is their first time ever doing anything like this.

“It’s really inspiring to see them do what they never thought they’d be able to,” said UCSB Climbing Center Supervisor, Danielle Broder. “A lot of the kids were really hesitant, so to see their faces light up when they did end up climbing and conquer their fears was really special.”

The smiles and lit up faces came early this year, as each camper was given their very own bright and shiny Vapur Anti-Bottle on the first day of camp. I was pleased to see the bottles clipped to the back of their wheelchairs and put at ease knowing they were staying hydrated, helping to prevent that dreaded harness pathology.

“Working the wheelchair sports camp was an incredible opportunity,” said Hayden Lord, a Climbing Center employee. “Seldom have I met more appreciative kids, or seen more genuine smiles.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

– Laura Bylund

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The Stressful and Awesome Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp

  • August 27th, 2013
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Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Jake Norton.

I think a lot about water. Whether it’s flowing down a river, buried deep in underground aquifers, or perched in glaciers clinging to the high peaks, it’s a magical thing, the essence of life on Earth. Without it, we can’t survive, nor can the myriad creatures sharing the planet with us.

And yet water is one of the most threatened resources today. From increasing demand to waste and mismanagement, climate change to development and pollution, the world’s fresh water supplies are in trouble. In the developing world, some 800 million people live daily without access to safe water. Roughly 2.5 billion don’t have adequate sanitation. (What this means in layman’s terms is that they live in constant fear that what just came out of their bodies might reenter with their next drink of water.) Water is a huge issue in the developed world, too. The mighty Colorado River, lifeblood to 36 million people across the desert southwest, for example, was recently named America’s most endangered river.

Fortunately, there are lots of great people and great organizations working hard on the problem. From the World Wildlife Fund to American Rivers to my friends and Challenge21 partners at Water For People, there is a lot of focus and attention on the global water crises and solutions.

Since 2011, I’ve focused my climbing on drawing attention to the water issues, and raising money for Water For People and their solutions. While by no means a water expert, my experiences with water have taught me one thing: there is no single, simple solution. Global water issues – just like a river – touch many areas, and flow through diverse, divisive issues like human development, wildlife and ecosystem conservation, climate change, economic development, human rights, cultural norms and traditions, etc. Bringing safe water to Village X is not as simple as sinking a well, checking the flow, and calling it a day, for the safe water flowing from the tap today could well be disrupted tomorrow by many factors upstream.

In a couple weeks, I’ll be heading off to India with my friends and colleagues, Pete McBride and David Morton. Our focus on the trip is to tell the story of the world’s most revered and reviled river, the Ganges. We’ll start in the high Garhwal Himalaya attempting the unclimbed Chaukhamba IV at the true source of the Ganges, and then follow the river 1,500 miles to its terminus at the Bay of Bengal.

Vapur Blog_JN exped 2
The Ganges River is believed by some 1 billion Hindus to be an incarnation of the divine. Millions depend on it for survival, and its waters are the very lifeblood of the Subcontinent. But it is under great threat. Climate change is wreaking havoc on the glaciers which feed it in the north. Nuclear power and industrial wastes pollute it all along its course. An estimated 1.5 billion liters of untreated human waste are dumped into it every day. By the time it reaches the Bay of Bengal, the holy waters of the Ganges are a sickly shadow of the alpine ice from which they came.

This autumn, thanks to great support from sponsors like Microsoft, Eddie Bauer, Vapur, and more, we’ll tell the Ganges’ story through the eyes of those who love it and hate it, protect it and pollute it, revere it and revile it.

It’s going to be an arduous and exciting journey – and one which will put our Vapur MicroFilters to the test! Please tune in and follow along…the adventure begins on September 5th.

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Ganga Source to the Sea Expedition

  • August 21st, 2013
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Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Eric Larsen.

I’m not going to lie. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from summer. Sure I remember the day it got so cold that the pipes burst in my elementary school – canceling classes for two days, getting my first pair of cross country skis and even sleeping out in a snow cave at 40 below zero, but those are fleeting snapshots. Not nearly as substantial as the long and drawn out scenes from the summers of my youth.

As a kid, I loved summer. Waking up each morning, I felt there was unlimited possibility and adventure. I have more than one story of the ‘one that got away’ when fishing on the creek behind my house. As I got older, my bike was primary means of escape, and with map in hand, I rode nearly every back road within a 50-mile radius of my house. In high school, I participated in several canoe trips in northern Minnesota and Canada. I remember being half way through a two-week trip and thinking, ‘I still get to be out here for one more week’. There is no doubt in my mind that each one of those experiences laid a critical stone in foundation for my career as a professional ‘explorer’.

Despite having accomplished far more formidable goals since that time, my friend and I still talk about the those experiences. Despite all the adventures and misadventures, one thing that still surprises us is what we were able to accomplish despite our equipment and gear. My rain coat was more like a sponge, our tents leaked and we carried way too much of everything. Funny enough, we even took milk jugs for our water. Even then we knew that the big metal canteens (pretty much all that was available) were too heavy and bulky to be effective on long trips. Not surprisingly, had Vapur Anti-Bottles been available then, we would have cashed in our piggy banks to snatch up several.

As an adult, I spend an inordinate amount of time in cold places. In Antarctica or the Arctic, I live without nearly every physical amenity and comfort. Most days, I try not to think about what I’m missing out on. Still when things get really low, I remember those warm days of summer from my youth fondly and I am immediately warmed.

It has been a busy couple of months at EL Explore world headquarters (otherwise known as my basement). Polar Expedition travel is hardly the glamour stoked arena of nearly every other sport in the world (not that I’m complaining of course). Planning and preparing for these adventures takes months of preparation, training and fundraising. Next spring, I’ll be making an unsupported speed record attempt on the North Pole – easily the hardest expedition on the planet.

I’m also launching a year-long project called Explore the Extremes. Traveling to the some of the world’s most ‘extreme’ environments, we’ll also be tying in the adventure with a series of leadership initiatives. To launch this program, we’re releasing the first of a seven book series at Outdoor Retailer next week in the Vapur booth. If you’re at the show stop by for a book and Vapur Anti-Bottle on Wednesday, July 31st from 1-3 pm.

I spent a few nights out in the Wenimuche Wilderness last week. Located in one of the most remote counties in the U.S., it is also one of the largest wilderness areas in the U.S. We hiked awestruck by the stunning peaks and views. In the evening, we relaxed on warm rocks and watched a nearly full moon rise over a nearby ridge.

Soon, I will be on my way to the North Pole struggling through the pack ice and open leads of the Arctic Ocean and my small Wenimuche campsite will be another memory keeping me warm on a cold day.

Think Snow!


Vapur Blog_EL Summer
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Summer Nostalgia

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Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Anna Levesque.
It’s been a wet and rainy summer here in Western North Carolina and that makes for an epic paddling season!  Here at Girls at Play we’ve been busy inspiring women to push their limits taking on whitewater kayaking at all levels. Throughout it all we’ve been able  to keep ourselves and our students hydrated using Vapur Anti-Bottles!

Vapur Blog_AL Girls 1

Our season started out in April with our most challenging and advanced clinic called Creek Week.  Women come from all over the country to learn the techniques of Class IV steep creeking on the rivers that Western North Carolina is famous for.  We’re proud to be the only kayak school in the world to offer such an advanced women specific creeking class with all female instructors.  The students have to be on their game, but we as instructors also have to be at our best setting top-notch safety, smoothly demoing challenging rapids and setting up river logistics.  This year Creek Week was so popular that we added a second week that also filled.

Our next big clinic was at the other end of the paddling skills spectrum, a beginner clinic in May.  We like to wait until the weather and the water warm up to introduce women to our awesome sport!  The first thing any whitewater kayaker needs to learn is the ‘wet exit.’  It’s just how it sounds – an exit from your kayak into the water where you get wet!  Because we wear neoprene skirts around the cockpits of our kayaks it’s important to learn how to flip over and exit in calm water. That way we’re not caught off-guard and know what to do when it happens in moving water or whitewater.  The first morning of our beginner clinics are spent in flatwater learning skills like the wet exit, basic strokes and edge control so that we’re prepped for the fun of moving water in the afternoon and the following days.

We also run intermediate clinics where we work on class III skills and help women develop their ‘combat roll.’  This means being able to roll back up when you unexpectedly flip in a rapid.  Combat rolling is a key skill for building confidence because once you know you’ll roll up most of the time you’re no longer worried about flipping and you’re more willing to push yourself to try new things like surfing! We love surfing our kayaks and did you know that waves in the ocean move through the water, while in contrast, water moves through waves on the river?  Waves on rivers are formed when water flows over a shelf or a rock so the feature that forms the wave is ‘permanent.’ The water flowing over that feature creates a wave that you can surf.  So the wave on the river is always there and you can surf it over and over again (as long as the water level is good)!

Vapur Blog_AL Girls 2

In addition to all of the great kayaking we’ve been doing, we’re also big on stand up paddleboarding (SUP).  We offer SUP yoga classes – yes that does mean practicing yoga on the stand up boards!  The French Broad River through Asheville is also a great stretch to float on SUPs and we offer SUP skills classes on the lake too.

We’ve been having a very busy summer on the water, we’ve got more summer to paddle and the weather is just now reaching its peak heat. We’ll keep our Vapur Anti-Bottles close, especially my new favorite, the 0.7L Pink Element!  Happy Paddling!

Water Girls at Play

  • July 11th, 2013
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When you’re uprooted from the comforts and luxury of the urban setting, nature’s backcountry can be particularly unforgiving, especially for those who come unprepared.  For the exceptionally active outdoorsman or adventurer, there are simple necessities that must be fulfilled in order to survive in the wilderness.  Food and water must be found, shelter must be made and fires must be started. At Vapur, we’ve developed a product that no one spending any extended amounts of time traveling through the unrefined land should be without: the Vapur MicroFilter.

The Vapur MicroFilter is a filtered water bottle that has been showered with respectable awards from Outside, Gear Junkie and National Geographic, magazines and publishers that know what it’s like to spend plenty of time traversing the great outdoors.  We designed and built a filter suitable for extreme situations that met the high US EPA Standards and exceeded the Center of Disease Control’s recommended standards for water purity, because we’ve been there.  We manufactured the Vapur MicroFilter to the specs and qualifications that we’d want to personally use on a backcountry adventure and then put it to the test in extreme environments known for rugged weather conditions, limited resources and ruthless wildlife.

The Vapur MicroFilter is safe and easy to use.  Chemicals, pumps, and batteries weigh down your pack, but you won’t need any of those to purify water with the MicroFilter.  Simply fill your Anti-Bottle with water and suck through the spout opening like you would on a straw for clean, clear, safe water.  In addition, the MicroFilter can be placed directly into the water source or you can also squeeze water through the filter, attached to your Anti-Bottle, to fill another vessel.  With the easily folded, super portable, USA made Anti-Bottle, you can stow your filter system to your pack, clip the ultra light system in your duffle bag or fold it up into a spare pocket to make trail blazing a little bit easier.

The Vapur® MicroFilter is a portable, light weight and chemical-free water filtration system that utilizes the most advanced ultra membrane technology to safely remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  The Vapur Explorer Series MicroFilter is made of 60 meters of hollow fiber membrane packed into a compact casing altogether weighing in at only 2.7 ounces. These membranes are produced by process that melts spins and draws  100% polyethersulfone raw materials. After the membrane is manufactured, the surface is coated with hydrophilic polymer to aid the filtration process.  The MicroFIlter membrane has an absolute pore size of 0.2 micron and can purify more that 500 liters of clear water from lakes, rivers, streams and water taps.  The MicroFilter also features an auto stop feature, stopping water flow when the pore membranes are filled to capacity.

The Vapur MicroFilter is now sold at REI stores nationwide and online at

Vapur Blog_MicroFilter Post

Photograph of Pro Team member, Eric Larsen, testing an early prototype of the MicroFilter.

Vapur MicroFilter: The Next Generation Filtered Water Bottle

  • July 2nd, 2013
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As parents, we want what’s best for our children.  No matter what our kids do, we hope they try their best, learn, succeed and enjoy life to the fullest. You want to give them all the tools they need to grow up to be accomplished, happy adults and one of the best ways to do this is to start them off right with healthy habits, like staying properly hydrated.  With the Vapur Quencher, reusable water bottles, you have the opportunity to not only keep them hydrated but to educate your kids on how replacing disposable bottles with a Vapur Anti-Bottle can have positive benefits for the planet by reducing global waste.

It’s recommended that students take regular water breaks in addition to keeping water bottles at their desks to sip on throughout the day. When the reaction of thirst is initiated in the body, there is typically a two percent drop in body weight from water loss.  This can cause up to a ten percent decline in cognitive function and can lead to fatigue, dizziness and poor concentration until corrected.  Dehydration can also affect a child’s exercise tolerance, increasing the tendency of experiencing muscle cramping and elevating the risk of obesity.

In order to maintain an optimal mental state and fuel physical activity while nurturing healthy habits, kids must practice maintaining proper levels hydration.  Vapur Quenchers kids water bottles help children make the process of drinking water fun and creative by including several different facial expression stickers to design their own, unique, personal vessel.  The 0.4 L Anti-Bottle is a perfect storage size and capacity for growing children for both .  The Quenchers can be easily hung from a belt loop, packed into a lunch box or even clipped to a backpack. They’re freezable and dishwasher safe too, making it easy to keep lunches cold and clean up easy.  When finished or not in use, the Quencher can be folded, rolled or flattened and kept in a pocket or book bag.  With three layers to keep the water safe and a reinforced grommet, Quenchers are designed to be durable and long lasting.  Quenchers are made from two layers of nylon and a taste free, odor resistant polyethylene. Like all Vapur products, they’re BPA free, keeping your child safe from BPA exposure and happy, healthy and hydrated.

Vapur Blog_Quenchers 2

Vapur Quenchers Make Perfect Kids Water Bottles

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The Vapur Anti-Bottle: Your Secret Marketing Weapon

Everybody loves swag.  Everybody.

The contents of a “swag bag” generally include gifts that say “Thanks for your time!” and “Here’s something to remember me by…” to your clients. In using the right products, you’ll send a positive message and leave a memorable impression.  Swag can be used as gifts, giveaways or handouts at tradeshows, conferences, parties and special events.  With a foldable bottle, your branded swag will definitely generate buzz.

These days, most customers buy on recommendation, so what better way to spread the ‘word of mouth’ than by branding a product that swag receivers will love, talk about and use regularly.  Past partners who have branded the Vapur Anti-Bottle are US Bank, NASA, Oakley, Jelly Belly, Tommy Bahama. The Anti-Bottle is one of the smartest pieces of swag you could ever give and it will speak volumes about your brand to those fortunate enough to receive it.

The Vapur Anti-Bottle is a foldable, reusable water bottle designed for easy on-the-go use anywhere. With bright colors and eye-catching designs, the Anti-Bottle is the face of foldable, reusable hydration. Vapur Anti-Bottles are a fresh, cool alternative to the typical water bottle because they are easy to fill, carry and store. The Anti-Bottle’s design also lends itself to convenient customization.

By handing your custom Vapur Anti-Bottle out at a tradeshow you’re actually saying, “I know you’ve been walking around this convention center for the last 4 hours.  Your feet hurt, you’re tired of small talk, you’ve been shoved, bumped into and… you are probably thirsty.  Well, here’s some water!  I’m tending to your human need to hydrate and not only are you no longer thirsty, you’re focused and ready to take on the day. You can also easily use this ultra portable water bottle again and again in all of your travel be it business or pleasure. Oh, and what’s that?! That’s our company logo on that fashionable, BPA free container. Did you know that Anti-Bottle not only keeps disposable water bottles out of landfills, but also supports green habits so that future generations can enjoy this planet as well? Not only do I care about you as a potential customer, but as a human being. Drink up.”

Who knew that adding your company’s logo on the Vapur Anti-Bottle could say all that?

Your brand will be sure take center stage as your personalized water bottles get filled throughout the day and are hung from everyone’s swag bag!  Whether it’s your company’s artwork, logo, custom message or website, the Anti-Bottle will easily become a unique promotional product for your next trade show or a great gift to your employees, clients and customers. With the Vapur Anti-Bottle’s popularity and ease of use, your custom bottles won’t stay in that swag bag long! This planet-friendly, practical product will be used almost immediately and for years to come, which means longevity in your marketing efforts and more brand exposure for your business!

Past Co-Brand Partners:

Using Personalized Water Bottles To Market Your Brand

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Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Chris Davenport.
I walked the narrow, airy, summit ridge of 13,841′ Hagerman Peak with my partner Neal Beidleman a few strides ahead of me.  We had just done an eight mile approach from the county road above the little village of Marble, Colorado and had climbed 6000′ vertical to reach this point.  While our bodies were definitely tired, our minds were soaring.  I let out a huge “Yaaahhhh’ as I reached the summit, as I occasionally do on the more serious or interesting peaks.  In front of us, to the North, lay the huge fourteener, Snowmass Mountain, with it’s large snowfield glimmering in the mid-morning sun and it’s namesake alpine lake still frozen in the valley below.  Behind us lay the jagged summits of the Maroon Bells, two of Colorado’s hardest and best skiing fourteeners.  Off to our left lay the remote West Elks and we could see Mt. Crested Butte ski resort poking it sharp head over the top of Frigid Air Pass. Hopefully this gives you the visual reference necessary to get the point- which is that we were standing in a totally awesome spot, with our skis on our backs, and many thousand feet of epic spring corn snow below us.
Chris on the summit ridge of Hagerman Peak.
But how and why were we on this obscure high Colorado mountain?  The answer is simple: goals.  I’m a very goal oriented athlete.  They are important to me for many reasons.  Goals allow me to plan for the future, to map out my season.  Goals give me things to look forward to, projects to dream up and then make a reality.  Goals keep you sharp and focused.  And I definitely find that when I operate under well-defined goals and clearly defined targets I almost always accomplish more than I would have had I not been sticking to a plan. So I try and set myself up for success by being meticulous about my planning.
The last few years I’ve had really fun and well-planned out spring ski mountaineering trips that have all ended in great success:  skiing the Colorado 14ers, two trips up Denali with lots of ski descents, skiing most of California’s 14ers, an awesome climb (summit) and ski (Lhotse Face) of Mt. Everest, skiing 15 major Pacific Northwest Volcanos in 14 days, and this year a plan to try to be the first folks to ski the Centennial Peaks (Colorado’s 100 highest, which are all over 13,810′)  None of these trips or projects would have succeeded if it wasn’t for great planning and execution of the goals that were chosen.
This spring was really awesome in Colorado.  We had some great late season snow in April and early May that really set us up nicely for a solid month of great spring skiing.  As it turned out the timing of this snow and the great weather that followed was impeccable, because my friends Ted and Christy Mahon and I were poised and ready to ski as many of the Centennial 13ers as we could.
Chris skiing the south face of Hagerman Peak. (Photography © Neal Beidleman)
As I said before, the Centennial Peaks are the 100 highest peaks in Colorado.  They are made up of 54 fourteeners (peaks over 14,000′) and 46 high thirteeners (these are all over 13,810′)  But there are many, many more high mountains in Colorado- including over 600 13ers and almost 2000 peaks over 12,000′.  Colorado has by far the most high mountains of any region in North America.  So the goal of this project was to climb and ski the 100 highest peaks.  My partners Ted and Christy and I have skied the 54 fourteeners already, so now we chipped away at the remaining 46 high thirteeners.  This spring I really dedicated myself to this plan, and with the snow and weather cooperating it worked out perfectly.  As of today I skied 28 Centennials so am now up to 82 peaks skied out of the top 100.  We put a ton of energy and effort into making this happen.  A goal like this doesn’t succeed without a high level of commitment and dedication.  I sacrificed time with my family and spent money traveling around the state to ski these amazing peaks.  But the rewards are huge.  You see incredible new places that you may never had visited if it were not for this goal, you get really, really strong from all the days climbing and traveling through the mountains, and you share some incredible adventures, laughs, and good times with great people.  So that’s really what it is all about for me. Adventure, fitness, fun, challenge- these are the elements of any great mountain adventure.
My partners “fully committed” to the adventure on Cathedral Peak.
So take my advice and set your personal goals high this summer.  It may not involve mountains or skiing, but whatever it is throw yourself at it with everything you’ve got.  And remember, it’s easy to be super enthusiastic in the beginning and get all excited about your plans, but it can be tough over time to stay motivated.  So work hard because the payoff when you’ve really committed yourself is incredible.
Happy Adventures!
Chris and friends after a successful day on Columbia Point 13,980′ in the Sangre de Cristo Range.

Goal Setting in the Mountains Equals Epic Adventure

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Vapur Makes A Great Hiking Water Bottle

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