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Vapur in the News

Singapore: Asia Geographic Junior

January 2013

FUN QUENCHERS Have fun hydrating! Pick your favorite Quencher – Bo, Lolli, Fuse and Splash – use the stickers to bring them to life and add water to wake them up. These critters love to travel, so take your water-filled friend wherever you go!

Best of all, these hydrating pouches have a durable 3-ply construction, are dishwasher safe, BPA free, taste-free and odour resistant, and made in the USA.

Singapore: Home + Living

January 2013

VAPUR DEBUTS ITS FIRST PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN ANTI-BOTTLE The Vapur Element Anti-Bottle makes its debut in Singpare, with its forward-thinking design, making it the perfect hydration solution for today’s active consumer. Cool, clean and collapsible, the reusable Vapur element raises the bar on portable, performance hydration with a new silhouette, innovative lid design and larger capacity.

Australia: Women’s Fitness

December 2012

Fold Water – These flexible water bottles fold up when they’re empty, so they don’t take up precious room in your bag. Plus, they’re freezer-friendly, making them perfect for summer workouts. Vapur Anti-Bottles, from $18.95 each,

Outdoor Sports Guide

December 2012

Vapur Quencher – Choose these refillable, flat, freezable drink containers for lunches and hikes to avoid the waste of one-use juiceboxes while allowing you or your toddler to pick the liquid of your choice.

Sierra Magazine

December 2012

When your travel plans or space constraints call for a flexible liquid-toting solution, take along the Runway pouch from VAPUR. It’s light, foldable (when empty), sleek, and enlivened by bold, couture-inspired patterns. A looped-in carabiner adds function.

Singapore: Mother & Baby

December 2012

OF MONSTERS AND MIEN Your mini-muncher will swig with satisfaction from the Quencher, a new, funkily designed “anti-bottle” range from Vapur. When full, the 400ml BPA-free vessel stands upright. Once empty, simply roll it up and stash away. Easy-peasy! A bonus: Each bottle, which features a cute character, comes with three sticker sheets and add-ons, so junior can personalize his own.

Inside Outdoor

December 2012

Vapur Quenchers – Kids of all ages love Vapur’s collapsible “Anti-Bottles.” Shrink the size a bit and throw on some wacky character graphics and they are sure to be even more of a hit with little ones as they dig into their stockings. Available in four styles, each comes with a pack of stickers to personalize the little Quenchers.

Australia: Minimax

December 2012

VAPUR 0.5 Litre reliable Anti-Bottle.

Hong Kong: Sports + Travel

December 2012

DESIGNED TO PERFORM Whether you’re hiking, biking or running the trails, this foldable, reusable water bottle is ready for anything. The Vapur Element bottle and integrated SuperCap are designed from the ground-up to meet the performance needs of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, with their patented flexible design lighter and easier to hold than rigid bottles – and folds flat when empty to go virtually anywhere.

Singapore: Young Parents

December 2012

THIRST FOR FUN Lolli “The Anti-Bottle”, from Takashimaya D.S., BHG and Royal Sporting House.

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