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Meet the most versatile water bottle on the planet. The New Vapur Element features a patented flexible design that is lighter and easier to hold than rigid water bottles – and folds flat when empty to go virtually anywhere – to keep you hydrated no mater where your travels take you. Available in .07L and 1.0L sizes.

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  • July 29th, 2013
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Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Eric Larsen.

I’m not going to lie. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from summer. Sure I remember the day it got so cold that the pipes burst in my elementary school – canceling classes for two days, getting my first pair of cross country skis and even sleeping out in a snow cave at 40 below zero, but those are fleeting snapshots. Not nearly as substantial as the long and drawn out scenes from the summers of my youth.

As a kid, I loved summer. Waking up each morning, I felt there was unlimited possibility and adventure. I have more than one story of the ‘one that got away’ when fishing on the creek behind my house. As I got older, my bike was primary means of escape, and with map in hand, I rode nearly every back road within a 50-mile radius of my house. In high school, I participated in several canoe trips in northern Minnesota and Canada. I remember being half way through a two-week trip and thinking, ‘I still get to be out here for one more week’. There is no doubt in my mind that each one of those experiences laid a critical stone in foundation for my career as a professional ‘explorer’.

Despite having accomplished far more formidable goals since that time, my friend and I still talk about the those experiences. Despite all the adventures and misadventures, one thing that still surprises us is what we were able to accomplish despite our equipment and gear. My rain coat was more like a sponge, our tents leaked and we carried way too much of everything. Funny enough, we even took milk jugs for our water. Even then we knew that the big metal canteens (pretty much all that was available) were too heavy and bulky to be effective on long trips. Not surprisingly, had Vapur Anti-Bottles been available then, we would have cashed in our piggy banks to snatch up several.

As an adult, I spend an inordinate amount of time in cold places. In Antarctica or the Arctic, I live without nearly every physical amenity and comfort. Most days, I try not to think about what I’m missing out on. Still when things get really low, I remember those warm days of summer from my youth fondly and I am immediately warmed.

It has been a busy couple of months at EL Explore world headquarters (otherwise known as my basement). Polar Expedition travel is hardly the glamour stoked arena of nearly every other sport in the world (not that I’m complaining of course). Planning and preparing for these adventures takes months of preparation, training and fundraising. Next spring, I’ll be making an unsupported speed record attempt on the North Pole – easily the hardest expedition on the planet.

I’m also launching a year-long project called Explore the Extremes. Traveling to the some of the world’s most ‘extreme’ environments, we’ll also be tying in the adventure with a series of leadership initiatives. To launch this program, we’re releasing the first of a seven book series at Outdoor Retailer next week in the Vapur booth. If you’re at the show stop by for a book and Vapur Anti-Bottle on Wednesday, July 31st from 1-3 pm.

I spent a few nights out in the Wenimuche Wilderness last week. Located in one of the most remote counties in the U.S., it is also one of the largest wilderness areas in the U.S. We hiked awestruck by the stunning peaks and views. In the evening, we relaxed on warm rocks and watched a nearly full moon rise over a nearby ridge.

Soon, I will be on my way to the North Pole struggling through the pack ice and open leads of the Arctic Ocean and my small Wenimuche campsite will be another memory keeping me warm on a cold day.

Think Snow!


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Summer Nostalgia

  • July 24th, 2013
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Travel Picks: The blogger from the Travel Bite shares products to make your summer trip no sweat!
SPACE SAVER “Dodge the $6 bottles of water at the airport and fill this one up. It even packs flat!” Shades Anti-Bottle

People Magazine

Foldable Water Bottle
Tired of toting bulky empty water bottles on the trail? Once you’ve drunk the half liter of water held by the reusable Reflex Anti-Bottle, you can fold up the container and tuck it into a saddlebag, fanny pack, or even a pocket. An odor-resistant, BPA-free lining keeps the freezable, dishwasher-safe bottle taste-free. A side clip lets you attach the bottle to your saddle or a belt loop for easy access on the trail. Available in gray, green, pink, purple, orange, and cyan. Cost: $9.99. Contact: Vapur, Inc., www.vapur.us.

The Trail Rider

Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Anna Levesque.
It’s been a wet and rainy summer here in Western North Carolina and that makes for an epic paddling season!  Here at Girls at Play we’ve been busy inspiring women to push their limits taking on whitewater kayaking at all levels. Throughout it all we’ve been able  to keep ourselves and our students hydrated using Vapur Anti-Bottles!

Vapur Blog_AL Girls 1

Our season started out in April with our most challenging and advanced clinic called Creek Week.  Women come from all over the country to learn the techniques of Class IV steep creeking on the rivers that Western North Carolina is famous for.  We’re proud to be the only kayak school in the world to offer such an advanced women specific creeking class with all female instructors.  The students have to be on their game, but we as instructors also have to be at our best setting top-notch safety, smoothly demoing challenging rapids and setting up river logistics.  This year Creek Week was so popular that we added a second week that also filled.

Our next big clinic was at the other end of the paddling skills spectrum, a beginner clinic in May.  We like to wait until the weather and the water warm up to introduce women to our awesome sport!  The first thing any whitewater kayaker needs to learn is the ‘wet exit.’  It’s just how it sounds – an exit from your kayak into the water where you get wet!  Because we wear neoprene skirts around the cockpits of our kayaks it’s important to learn how to flip over and exit in calm water. That way we’re not caught off-guard and know what to do when it happens in moving water or whitewater.  The first morning of our beginner clinics are spent in flatwater learning skills like the wet exit, basic strokes and edge control so that we’re prepped for the fun of moving water in the afternoon and the following days.

We also run intermediate clinics where we work on class III skills and help women develop their ‘combat roll.’  This means being able to roll back up when you unexpectedly flip in a rapid.  Combat rolling is a key skill for building confidence because once you know you’ll roll up most of the time you’re no longer worried about flipping and you’re more willing to push yourself to try new things like surfing! We love surfing our kayaks and did you know that waves in the ocean move through the water, while in contrast, water moves through waves on the river?  Waves on rivers are formed when water flows over a shelf or a rock so the feature that forms the wave is ‘permanent.’ The water flowing over that feature creates a wave that you can surf.  So the wave on the river is always there and you can surf it over and over again (as long as the water level is good)!

Vapur Blog_AL Girls 2

In addition to all of the great kayaking we’ve been doing, we’re also big on stand up paddleboarding (SUP).  We offer SUP yoga classes – yes that does mean practicing yoga on the stand up boards!  The French Broad River through Asheville is also a great stretch to float on SUPs and we offer SUP skills classes on the lake too.

We’ve been having a very busy summer on the water, we’ve got more summer to paddle and the weather is just now reaching its peak heat. We’ll keep our Vapur Anti-Bottles close, especially my new favorite, the 0.7L Pink Element!  Happy Paddling!

Water Girls at Play

  • July 11th, 2013
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Hydration Making a Big Splash
VAPUR: California-based Vapur, Inc. is on a mission to make hydration incomparably portable with their Anti-Bottles: reusable, handheld, collapsible hydration products. Vapur has taken their mission further with the new Explorer Series MicroFilter, MSPR $70.
Weighing 2.7-ounces, the filter and bottle set allows users to filter water in a one-liter Anti-Bottle directly from the stream or lake. The filter is a chemical-free, hollow fiber membrane system with an absolute pore size of 0.2 microns, said to safely remove 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria and 99.9 percent of protozoa. The system meets U.S. EPA standards and exceeds CDC recommendations for water purity. Each MicroFilter is capable of purifying hundreds of liters of water from lakes, rivers, streams and tap water over its lifespan. It includes a stop feature so users know it has maxed out its usage when water completely stops flowing through the spout. The Anti-Bottle is manufactured in the USA, is BPA-free, freezable and dishwasher safe.

SGB Weekly: Cover

When you’re uprooted from the comforts and luxury of the urban setting, nature’s backcountry can be particularly unforgiving, especially for those who come unprepared.  For the exceptionally active outdoorsman or adventurer, there are simple necessities that must be fulfilled in order to survive in the wilderness.  Food and water must be found, shelter must be made and fires must be started. At Vapur, we’ve developed a product that no one spending any extended amounts of time traveling through the unrefined land should be without: the Vapur MicroFilter.

The Vapur MicroFilter is a filtered water bottle that has been showered with respectable awards from Outside, Gear Junkie and National Geographic, magazines and publishers that know what it’s like to spend plenty of time traversing the great outdoors.  We designed and built a filter suitable for extreme situations that met the high US EPA Standards and exceeded the Center of Disease Control’s recommended standards for water purity, because we’ve been there.  We manufactured the Vapur MicroFilter to the specs and qualifications that we’d want to personally use on a backcountry adventure and then put it to the test in extreme environments known for rugged weather conditions, limited resources and ruthless wildlife.

The Vapur MicroFilter is safe and easy to use.  Chemicals, pumps, and batteries weigh down your pack, but you won’t need any of those to purify water with the MicroFilter.  Simply fill your Anti-Bottle with water and suck through the spout opening like you would on a straw for clean, clear, safe water.  In addition, the MicroFilter can be placed directly into the water source or you can also squeeze water through the filter, attached to your Anti-Bottle, to fill another vessel.  With the easily folded, super portable, USA made Anti-Bottle, you can stow your filter system to your pack, clip the ultra light system in your duffle bag or fold it up into a spare pocket to make trail blazing a little bit easier.

The Vapur® MicroFilter is a portable, light weight and chemical-free water filtration system that utilizes the most advanced ultra membrane technology to safely remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  The Vapur Explorer Series MicroFilter is made of 60 meters of hollow fiber membrane packed into a compact casing altogether weighing in at only 2.7 ounces. These membranes are produced by process that melts spins and draws  100% polyethersulfone raw materials. After the membrane is manufactured, the surface is coated with hydrophilic polymer to aid the filtration process.  The MicroFIlter membrane has an absolute pore size of 0.2 micron and can purify more that 500 liters of clear water from lakes, rivers, streams and water taps.  The MicroFilter also features an auto stop feature, stopping water flow when the pore membranes are filled to capacity.

The Vapur MicroFilter is now sold at REI stores nationwide and online at Vapur.us.

Vapur Blog_MicroFilter Post

Photograph of Pro Team member, Eric Larsen, testing an early prototype of the MicroFilter.

Vapur MicroFilter: The Next Generation Filtered Water Bottle

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