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Vapur in the News

Archive: June 2013

Health Magazine

June 2013

DRINK UP! While summertime sweat is a good thing (it’s your body’s air-conditioning at work), all that fluid loss puts you at risk for dehydration, whether you’re working out or relaxing at the beach. To ensure you get enough water, tote your supply in one of these BPA-free bottles.

The Travel Buddy – Reminiscent of those Capri Sun fruit drink you used to beg for as a kid, the Vapur is an 18-ounce foldable flask that flattens completely when empty for compact storage. And you can toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


SGB Weekly

June 2013

“We are certainly capable of producing anything here in the U.S. The question becomes the cost to do so and the impact on the final cost to the end consumer,” said David Czerwinski, CEO of Vapur, the soft-sided water bottle company founded in 2009, which introduced the award-winning Micro Filter for its bottles this spring.

“The reality is that we all operate in a global environment. Depending on what a company is producing and where a company’s consumer concentration resides geographically, it may or may not make sense to manufacturer here,” Czerwinski commented. “Having said that, I personally feel that manufacturing outside of the U.S. just to skirt environmental, labor, and social responsibility is never a valid justification.”


At Home Memphis & Mid South

June 2013

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June 2013