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12% – The percentage of the 200 billion bottles of water consumed globally every year that will be recycled. Companies like Vapur are working to improve these numbers by providing awareness about both the environmental and global water crisis and through their reusable bottles.

LAVA Magazine

Program promotes use of reusable bottles and the importance of staying hydrated.

Westlake Village, Calif. (February 25, 2013) – Vapur has teamed up with Elkay, the world leader in stainless steel water stations, to create the Vapur Refill Station Program. The program is bringing Vapur Refill Stations to college and university campuses across the country to promote a healthy hydration message and make safe drinking water more accessible, portable and readily available.

Every year, billions of bottles of water are consumed globally and fewer than 20-percent will be recycled. With Vapur Refill Stations being placed in designated areas around participating campuses, the program promotes the importance of staying hydrated while encouraging students and teachers to use reusable bottles. Campuses rolling out the program include the University of California, Riverside, the California Institute of Technology, Illinois State University, Guilford College, University of California, Los Angeles and Southwestern College. Read about the Vapur Refill Station Program in UCLA’s Daily Bruin.

“The Vapur Refill Station Program addresses two issues that we are very passionate about at Vapur; the environment and hydration,” said Brent Reinke, Co Founder and COO of Vapur. “Vapur was founded with a commitment to raising awareness about the global water crisis and empowering people to make a difference. The Refill Station Program is one of the many avenues we are using to help further these causes and make the simple act of staying hydrated more sustainable.”

Colleges and universities introducing the program receive special wholesale pricing on the stations and Vapur’s flexible, reusable Anti-Bottles. To ensure students and faculty know how to use the stations and are aware of their locations, the program will be promoted through an extensive on-campus marketing campaign. The marketing campaign will tout the benefits of the program and the efforts to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

“The refill stations will be a visible sign of Southwestern’s commitment to sustainability,” said Jason Speegle, Green Team director, Southwestern College. “We are excited to receive the stations and get them installed. The students on our Green Team helped to select the Vapur Refill Station Program and are very enthusiastic that these units will be installed in key locations around campus.”

For more information on the Vapur Refill Station Program, visit http://vapur.us/refill.

About Vapur, Inc.

Founded in 2009, California-based Vapur, Inc. is on a mission to make hydration incomparably portable and convenient. As the leading designer, marketer and distributor of reusable, handheld, collapsible hydration products. Vapur’s complete line of Anti-Bottles® have been adopted by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, celebrities, green activists, government agencies, fashion gurus, and families alike. Vapur’s ultra-durable Anti-Bottles® are proudly made in the USA, BPA-free, freezable and dishwasher-safe. Vapur is privately held, with products available in 13 countries worldwide and contributes a portion of all sales to water-related and environmental causes. For more information, visit www.vapur.us and as always, “Live Flexible.”


Vapur® Refill Stations Coming to Colleges & Universities Around the US

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Vapur – Cool, clean and collapsible, the reusable Vapur Element Anti-Bottle makes its debut in Singapore, with its forward-thinking design. The perfect hydration solution for today’s active consumer, the Element sports a brand new, proprietary and patented wide-mouth SuperCap, which offer ease of use and quicker drinkability.

Asian Geographic

The new Vapur Eclipse Anti-Bottle is flexible, lightweight and folds, flattens or rolls up when empty to go virtually anywhere. The Eclipse line has a matte finish, making the tough-looking Anti-Bottle soft to the touch. Like all Vapur Anti-Bottles, the Eclipse is freezable, dishwasher safe, BPA free and made in the USA. MSRP is $13.99 www.vapur.us

Inside Outdoor

These days, water bottles are everywhere. They are a necessity for physically active people who want to stay properly hydrated, but they are also a constant companion to school children or people at the workplace. Since disposable water bottles destroy the landscape and frequently are not recycled, a durable bottle, suitable for months of constant use, is a good investment.

A wise consumer will choose BPA free water bottles like Vapur.  BPA is used in the manufacturing process of many products, including children’s toys and other plastic objects. Since this chemical can leech from items containing it, possible ill effects can occur. Studies have linked BPA with arrhythmia, or heart irregularities in some people. Also, since BPA can cross the placenta, infant health can be compromised, perhaps leading to fertility issues in these children’s later years. BPA has also been associated with various cancers. Although there are some disputes about these dangers, enough evidence exists to make avoiding BPA a good idea.

Owning BPA free plastic bottles is easier than ever before. Many manufacturers like Vapur, made right here in the USA, make a point to produce and market bottles as BPA free. When purchasing items that aren’t listed as BPA free, the buyer can check the ingredients for Resin Identification Code 7, which indicates the possible presence of BPA. If Code 7 is present, the safest approach is not to buy the item.

Some disposable water bottles do not contain BPA but can contain ingredients that cause some of the same problems. Steering clear of these disposables is better for people’s health and helps the environment because so many people throw them out instead of having them recycled. In reality, these bottles do not provide much except a minimal convenience factor. They certainly are not worth the expense and the potential danger.

BPA free Vapur water bottles are available throughout the world and come in slick designs, and many colorful styles. A quick internet search will reveal many styles and colors.  These Vapur bottles are no more expensive than those models with BPA, so price should not be a consideration. With so many stores and online availability of these BPA free Vapur bottles, there is no valid reason to buy a bottle with a chemical as an ingredient.

People who engage in any kind of physical activity use water bottles. For their health and that of their children, they should choose bottles that do not contain BPA like Vapur. Keeping well hydrated is a necessity for healthy activity, so keeping a proper selection of water bottles is necessary. BPA, however, is not part of this healthy picture.

BPA is Not for Bottles Anymore

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The reusable, squishable BPA-free Vapur Quencher Anti-Bottles feature cute, customizable characters and come with three sticker sheets of facial features to suit your little camper’s every mood ($12, vapurquenchers.com)

Working Mother

Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Eric Larsen.

‘What is your most important piece of expedition equipment?’ It’s a question that I am often asked, but a tough one to answer.

To put all my gear and a pile and separate out just one item that is the ultimate factor in success is difficulty to say the least. There is no way I would have made the North Pole without snowshoes. A DeLorme inReach beacon and Iridium Satellite phone are critical to my safety and ‘on ice’ logistics coordination. And while I may only wear one pair of underwear for two months straight, I hate to think of 40 below without them on. In the end, each piece of equipment I use plays a vital role in my ability to live, travel and even survive in some of the most extreme environments on the planet for weeks on end.

Because of this critical link between my safety and my gear, I spend an inordinate amount of time, researching and testing different products. Once I find something I think might work for an expedition, I evaluate it on this simple hierarchy: weight, durability and ease of use.

Since I have to carry (or pull in a sled) everything that I need to live and survive, my goal is to always have the lightest gear possible. Of course, the lightest gear isn’t always the strongest so that brings me to factor number two. Durability. My last North Pole expedition? 51 days. I’m out on the trail for weeks and months at a time and I can’t always treat my equipment with kid gloves. Things get dropped, kicked, frozen, burned, banged, smashed and more. I need reliable gear that will not break so durability generally trumps weight. On an expedition, I try to be as efficient as possible. I have a limited amount of resources and supplies so anything I can to save energy is important. Therefore, I need to have equipment that is simple and easy to use. Things that require complicated steps or procedures to use end up being more of a hassle then they’re worth. Besides, at 40 or 50 below everything breaks so the more parts, the greater the failure rate.

So this is the mindset, that I take into every expedition and especially, my recent Cycle South expedition. Of course the stark reality of Antarctica is that it is a desert. Even though it’s cold, it’s very very dry. Therefore, staying healthy, keeping strong, metabolizing food and more are all related to being hydrated. Hydration is so important to my expeditions that I probably spend more time thinking about all the ways to stay hydrated than I do about all my other gear. After all, not only is it dry, but it’s also really, really cold.

For many years, I’ve used a pretty reliable system. I have a cup for drinking, a thermos, a soup thermos and two Nalgenes with insulated covers. I take the cup because I don’t really like drinking out of Nalgenes. The Stanley thermos and soup thermos are required gear. No way out of either of those. However, there is definitely redundancy with the cup and I’ve always felt a second Nalgene adds unnecessary weight and bulk.

What to do… Enter Vapur.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical of the Vapur Anti-Bottles at first. I felt they would break in the cold, and despite being so lightweight, I really couldn’t afford to have water leak over all my gear and freeze. Still, the Vapur Anti-Bottles are super easy to use so drinking out them is a breeze which is definitely an energy saver. And being able to eliminate 3 pieces of gear (cup, Nalgene and insulated cover) would reduce my overall weight considerably, so I decided to do some testing and in the end added a Vapur Anti-Bottle to my kit list.

Overall all, I was completely satisfied with my decision. Drinking out of my Vapur in the tent was easy and convenient. Additionally, I never had to worry about spills as I just clipped the carabiner on one of the drying lines above me. Each morning, I filled up my Vapur with hot water and then placed it in my front pannier on my bike. Even though my Vapur was uninsulated, I drank out of it first, and because the water started out very warm, was able to finish it before it froze.

Lightweight, durable and easy to use. Vapur is now a permanent item in my gear list. Need I say more?


Hydration in Antarctica

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The Vapur team headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, January 22-25. Despite the frosty air, Vapur’s week was nothing but bright as we took home three prestigious awards and a load of enthusiasm from fans. It was a whirlwind week of appointments, endless chitchat, and concerts (hello, Macklemore!) but here, in a nutshell, are the highlights!

Day 1, Vapur hosted an exclusive media lunch to unveil the MicroFilter, Vapur’s new, innovative filtration system. The MicroFilter is to be officially released spring 2013.

Outside magazine’s “Gear of the Show” is one of Outdoor Retailer’s most coveted awards. Out of hundreds of brands and thousands of products, the industry-leading magazine only hands out five awards per show. When editors dropped by the Vapur booth to deliver a giant placard announcing they’d picked the MicroFilter, needless to say, we were ecstatic!

Vapur’s recognition didn’t stop there; the MicroFilter also received a “Best in Show” award from Gear Junkie, as well as a “Best in Show” award from Gumption Gear for 2013 Outdoor Retailer.

Aside from the awards, Vapur took part in hosting a party with DeLorme, Wenger and YakTrax that featured Vapur Pro Team member, Polar Explorer, Eric Larsen.

Jonathan Dorn, outdoor adventurer and editor-in-chief of Backpacker magazine, moderated the event as Eric discussed his world-record-setting attempt to ride a bike to the South Pole (Vapur was a proud sponsor of Eric’s landmark “Cycle South” expedition). Event attendees were psyched to receive giveaways such as 0.7L Element Vapur Anti-Bottles, DeLorme, Wenger and Yaktrax products, free beer and, showstopper, a replica of the bike Eric road across Antarctica.

It was a landmark Outdoor Retailer for Vapur and we’re honored, humbled and beyond excited over the anticipation building for the new Vapur MicroFilter!

Vapur hosted media lunch to introduce new MicroFilter.

Ice Party by DeLorme, Wenger, Yaktrax and Vapur.

Polar Explorer, Eric Larsen at OR Ice Party

Vapur Team receiving Outside Magazine award.

Great Times in Salt Lake


This isn’t your typical water bottle. The durable Vapur® Element rolls, folds and flattens to go virtually anywhere. It’s patented flexible design is also lighter and easier to hold than rigid bottles, keeping you hydrated without slowing you down.

Australia: Fitness First

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These reusable water carriers can be rolled up and stuck in your handbag when empty. They’re funky and durable and can be taken anywhere. From $18.85, www.drinkvapur.com.au

Australia: Body + Soul

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