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Vapur in the News

Archive: January 2013

Australia: Women’s Fitness

January 2013

Vapur drink bottle

Parenting Magazine

January 2013

Vapur Kids Quencher water bottles attach to backpacks.

Runners World Magazine

January 2013

The Vapur Reflex, an 18-ounce foldable, reusable water bottle with a quick-sip cap, fits nicely in any size bottle holder. $10;

Outdoor USA

January 2013

The flexible design is lightweight and fold, flattens or rolls up when empty to fit any space. Like all Vapur Anti-Bottle, the Eclipse is  freezable, dishwasher safe, BPA free and made in the USA. The bottle is priced at $13.99

Gear Junkie: Best in Show

January 2013

Grab-and-Go Water — Among the easiest water-filtering systems we’ve seen, the MicroFilter from Vapur includes a flexible bottle and a straw-like “hollow fiber membrane” filter. Read more here.

Australia: Total Girl

January 2013

VAPUR WATER BOTTLES “Yes please!!! Funky bag-friendly, space-saving bottles. What’s not to love?!”

Hong Kong: XLife

January 2013

Vapur Element

Singapore: Hooked Magazine

January 2013

VAPUR ELEMENT ANTI-BOTTLE This lightweight and foldable bottle is a great space-saver, making it the perfect hydration aid for traveling anglers. Built with a clip, it can also be secured to almost anything from bags to loose gear. Its unique material makes it odour, stain and taste-resistant, ensuring both hygiene and countless reusability. The bottle – which comes in 700ml and 1000ml sizes – is also freezable.

Singapore: Asia Geographic Junior

January 2013

FUN QUENCHERS Have fun hydrating! Pick your favorite Quencher – Bo, Lolli, Fuse and Splash – use the stickers to bring them to life and add water to wake them up. These critters love to travel, so take your water-filled friend wherever you go!

Best of all, these hydrating pouches have a durable 3-ply construction, are dishwasher safe, BPA free, taste-free and odour resistant, and made in the USA.

Singapore: Home + Living

January 2013

VAPUR DEBUTS ITS FIRST PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN ANTI-BOTTLE The Vapur Element Anti-Bottle makes its debut in Singpare, with its forward-thinking design, making it the perfect hydration solution for today’s active consumer. Cool, clean and collapsible, the reusable Vapur element raises the bar on portable, performance hydration with a new silhouette, innovative lid design and larger capacity.