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Fold Water – These flexible water bottles fold up when they’re empty, so they don’t take up precious room in your bag. Plus, they’re freezer-friendly, making them perfect for summer workouts. Vapur Anti-Bottles, from $18.95 each,

Australia: Women’s Fitness

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Vapur Quencher – Choose these refillable, flat, freezable drink containers for lunches and hikes to avoid the waste of one-use juiceboxes while allowing you or your toddler to pick the liquid of your choice.

Outdoor Sports Guide

  • December 21st, 2012
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When your travel plans or space constraints call for a flexible liquid-toting solution, take along the Runway pouch from VAPUR. It’s light, foldable (when empty), sleek, and enlivened by bold, couture-inspired patterns. A looped-in carabiner adds function.

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OF MONSTERS AND MIEN Your mini-muncher will swig with satisfaction from the Quencher, a new, funkily designed “anti-bottle” range from Vapur. When full, the 400ml BPA-free vessel stands upright. Once empty, simply roll it up and stash away. Easy-peasy! A bonus: Each bottle, which features a cute character, comes with three sticker sheets and add-ons, so junior can personalize his own.

Singapore: Mother & Baby

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Vapur Quenchers – Kids of all ages love Vapur’s collapsible “Anti-Bottles.” Shrink the size a bit and throw on some wacky character graphics and they are sure to be even more of a hit with little ones as they dig into their stockings. Available in four styles, each comes with a pack of stickers to personalize the little Quenchers.

VAPUR 0.5 Litre reliable Anti-Bottle.

Australia: Minimax

There’s No Rolling Around With Vapur! – 12/5/12

Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Anna Levesque.

My favorite thing about whitewater kayaking is that it keeps me in the present moment. To be successful I have to keep my focus on my next move and the rapids in front of me.  This is true whether I’m teaching on a Class II or challenging myself on a Class V. When I allow myself to get distracted I end up where the river wants to take me instead of where I want to go.  Distractions can show up in many different forms, including fear, obstacles in the river or… the feeling of a fat water bottle rolling around inside my boat.  I’ve trained myself to block out distractions and focus on the path in front of me, but eliminating distractions is even better. I was really excited the first time I used the Vapur Anti-Bottle and no longer had to deal with a bulky water bottle rattling around in my kayak!

To be fair, there are bungee cords in my kayaks that can help secure water bottles in place, but the bottles somehow always seem to sneak out. The first time I used the Vapur Anti-Bottle while paddling I was so excited that it fit nicely in the bungee chords because of the shape and clipped in easily with the small carabiner already attached! No need to carry heavy carabiners to attach a water bottle.

When I’m teaching and guiding I like to bring extra water in my boat and the only place to pack it is in the back with my first aid kit and throw bag. This is where I get a lot of movement from bulky, round water bottles unless I spend more time and energy packing float bags to fill up the space.  Vapur Anti-Bottles are wonderful because they don’t roll around even if there is a lot of space in the back of my kayak. Easy packing means I get to spend time on what matters most – helping my clients overcome fears, build confidence and develop their paddling skills.

The ‘no roll’ factor also makes Vapur Anti-Bottle perfect for SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) on flat-water.  Most boards don’t have attachments for water bottles on the decks and there is very little chance of a traditional round water bottle staying on the board while you try to balancing, paddling and tricks like pivot turns.  The Vapur Anti-Bottle lies flat on the deck of the board and doesn’t move around, especially if the board has a nice grip deck pad. I’ve even had my Anti-Bottle balance easily through a SUP Yoga class.

I love how the Vapur bottles pack down for travel so that I can easily carry them with me when I guide kayaking trips in Costa Rica or when I travel to Hawaii to SUP/surf.  It’s so nice to not have a bulky water bottle take up precious space in my luggage.

I’m hooked on Vapur and there’s no going back for me. How could I when that would mean inviting distraction back into my life with big, bulky, round water bottles? Vapur makes hydrating on the water easy, effective and they look amazing too! I’m grateful for all of it!


Anna’s class sporting their Anti-Bottles


Anna on the rapids


DESIGNED TO PERFORM Whether you’re hiking, biking or running the trails, this foldable, reusable water bottle is ready for anything. The Vapur Element bottle and integrated SuperCap are designed from the ground-up to meet the performance needs of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, with their patented flexible design lighter and easier to hold than rigid bottles – and folds flat when empty to go virtually anywhere.

Hong Kong: Sports + Travel

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THIRST FOR FUN Lolli “The Anti-Bottle”, from Takashimaya D.S., BHG and Royal Sporting House.

Singapore: Young Parents

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