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Vapur hand-held “Anti-Bottles” are flexible, reusable and require less energy to make and transport than traditional rigid bottles. They are also BPA-free and made in America. The brand is now offering two new models, the Vapur Element with an integrated SuperCap (SRP $11.99 to $13.99) and the Vapur Quencher (SRP $9.99). The Vapur Element’s widemouth SuperCap provides greater “gulp-ability” and a stronger, integrated attachment clip. The Element also has a patented flexible design, folds flat when empty, and is available in .7L and 1L versions. The Vapur Quencher collection for kids has four sticker pack options, and the company plans to launch a fully customizable website in 2013 that will allow kids to create custom profiles, printable stickers for their Quenchers, and join a fun community.

Kayak Angler

Rodriguez is comfortable in deep water and rough conditions. In 2011, the impulse to venture offshore propelled his Nauti Dogs Kayak Wars team to a first place finish. So he can celebrate properly, we’re sending him a compact, collapsible, washable Vapur Element Anti-Bottle. Catching big fish is thirsty work.

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Thirst Quenching Element–The new Vapur Element Anti-Bottle is the ultimate companion for summer outings, workouts, trips or even for a day of running errands, according to the company. A foldable, reusable, freezable, washable and attachable alternative to disposable water bottles. Vapur Anti-Bottles (MSRP $11.99, 0.7L; $13.99, 1 L) are 100 percent BPA-free and are made in the U.S. Additionally, the Element is equipped with a new wide-mouth supercap for greater gulp-ability and a stronger, integrated attachment clip that allows the Element to hang on during high adventure and in variable terrain.

SGB Weekly

Vapur, the California firm that has an ardent following since its launch of the Anti-Bottle in 2009, has recently introduced two new collections that impress upon its flagship product line.


A really refreshing idea, this reusable drinking bottle stands when full yet folds flat when empty- it can even be rolled up to fit in a pocket or bag. Tough enough for everyday use, it can be chilled in the freezer, and the handy carabiner clip makes it ideal for attaching to a belt or rucksack. 500ml.