Delta Sky

The Vapur Anti-Bottle stands when full, folds when empty (easily fitting into carry-ons, purses and even pockets) and can clip on to anything via the attached carabiner. Pick one up before your next globetrotting adventure.

Women’s Adventure

Vapur Anti-Bottle Element 1L – BPA-free, washable, and freezable, this flexible plastic bladder is perfect for storing in your dry pack or clipping onto your rig! When the water’s all gone, the bladder rolls up into almost nothing, creating space for other items.

Woman’s Running

VAPUR .5L ANTI-BOTTLE – Dehydration masks your true potential! Sip on liquids before and after the race to perform at your best. Bonus: The Vapur folds up for easy storage. $10

Golf Digest

A PRODUCT SO HANDY YOU’LL WANT TO BOTTLE IT – Sick of spending money on drinks around the golf course but don’t want to lug around a big, ugly water bottle from home? Your prayers may have been answered with Vapur Anti-bottles, which take hydration-on-the-go to a whole new level. Vapur water pouches are a smart and safe alternative to plastic bottles and, as the company claims, they put the ‘squeeze’ on environmental impact and BPA.

Diabetic Living

We heart the Vapur Anti-Bottle. It’s an ingenious reusable water bottle that can be folded or rolled up and stashed in your handbag or pocket (once it’s empty, of course!). It’s ultra durable and BPA free. You can freeze it, pop it in the dishwasher and even write your name on it. Available in lots of fun colours and in grown-up and kid sizes. It costs $18.95 (.5L) – cheap enough to blow any excuse for buying those ready-bottled drinks right out of the water. Visit to order.