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The Vapur Anti-Bottle stands when full, folds when empty (easily fitting into carry-ons, purses and even pockets) and can clip on to anything via the attached carabiner. Pick one up before your next globetrotting adventure.

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Westlake Village, CA (March 19, 2012)—The time has come to say goodbye to bulky and clunky reusable water bottles and hello to a sleek, collapsible and lightweight hydration solution. Vapur’s brand new Element makes its debut today and it’s tailor-made for a life on the go.
Cool, clean and collapsible, the reusable Vapur Element Anti-Bottle™ raises the bar on portable, performance hydration with a new silhouette and innovative new lid design. From urban use to multi-season use in the great outdoors, the Element is proof of next-level innovation in the market of hydration systems, affording convenience, style and utility.
Foldable, freezable, and dishwasher safe… the Element’s forward-thinking design makes it the perfect hydration solution for today’s active consumer. The Element sports a brand new, proprietary and patented wide-mouth Supercap, which offers ease of use and quicker drinkability. Clip the Element on and go for any urban, sport or outdoor active pursuits – it’s durable, lightweight, collapsible and built for adventure. When your Element is empty, simply fold and stow it. The versatile Element takes up minimal space when empty versus heavy, rigid hydration bottles.
“The Element is designed to be the everyday, go-to hydration solution for the active lifestyle,” says Jason Carignan, co-founder and chief design officer for Vapur. “The Element enables on-the-go hydration and is an essential piece of gear for the outdoor adventurer and the urban warrior alike.”
The Element is unique not only in function, but also in its composition. It embodies the original sustainable and leading designs of Vapur’s founding “Anti-Bottle” products, including the 3-ply combination of BPA-free nylon and antimicrobial Polyethylene. This construction makes the Element foldable, freezable, and dishwasher safe. In addition, Vapur’s patented, flexible design is lighter and easier to grip than rigid bottles, and it rolls up, collapses or folds flat when empty; it can virtually go anywhere.
The new Element is the first Vapur® Anti-Bottle available in larger sizes (.7L and 1L), designed to meet the greater hydration demands of athletes and all those living an active lifestyle.
The Element comes in three unique, identifiable designs: Water, Fire, and Wind. MSRP: $11.99/.7L and $13.99/1L.

All Vapur Anti-Bottles are manufactured in the United States and use less energy to make and transport than traditional bottles, and produce significantly less waste in our landfills. Vapur’s foldable, convenient, and sustainable Anti-Bottles appeal to a broad range of consumers, and have attracted an ardent following internationally. The Anti-Bottle is a unique and novel hydration collection that underscores the company’s vision and leadership in design.


About Vapur Inc.

Founded in 2009, California-based Vapur, Inc. is on a mission to make hydration incomparably portable and convenient. As the leading designer, marketer and distributor of reusable, handheld, collapsible hydration products. Vapur’s complete line of Anti-Bottles® have been adopted by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, celebrities, green activists, government agencies, fashion gurus, and families alike. Vapur’s ultra-durable Anti-Bottles® are proudly made in the USA, BPA-free, freezable and dishwasher-safe. Vapur is privately held, with products available in 13 countries worldwide and contributes a portion of all sales to water-related and environmental causes. For more information, visit and as always, “Live Flexible.”



Vapur’s First Performance-Driven Anti-Bottle Debuts in the ‘Element’

  • March 19th, 2012
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Vapur Anti-Bottle Element 1L – BPA-free, washable, and freezable, this flexible plastic bladder is perfect for storing in your dry pack or clipping onto your rig! When the water’s all gone, the bladder rolls up into almost nothing, creating space for other items.

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Vapur Anti-Bottles can be re-used, folded and linked to your bag!

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VAPUR .5L ANTI-BOTTLE – Dehydration masks your true potential! Sip on liquids before and after the race to perform at your best. Bonus: The Vapur folds up for easy storage. $10

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Vapur Water Bottle – It’s a foldable water bottle that clips onto your schoolbag. Re-usable water bottles = major green brownie points!

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Vapur Unveils All-New Element to Thirsty Consumers

As we count the days, minutes, and hours until the all new Vapur Element becomes available at retail, we wanted to take you on a little journey to reminisce about the past three months. The journey begins in January, when Vapur unveiled the newest, adventure-driven addition to the Anti-Bottle line at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2012: The Vapur Element.

For those of you who have been tuned into our blog, website and social media channels over the past few months, you know it has been sheer madness since the start of the new year! And we mean that in the best way possible! The Element proved to be a showstopper at Outdoor Retailer back in January. Retailers and industry attendees were photographing, folding and inspecting this one-of-a-kind hydration solution as they discussed the possibilities. The immediate result was recognition from top outdoor industry media outlets, including the OR Daily, Backpacker, Elevation Outdoors and Blue Ridge Outdoors online, to name a few.  The Gear Junkie, a top source for outdoor world news and gear reviews even picked up on the Element before the trade show began in a Gear for 2012 show preview! The news of the Element traveled fast, especially with the help of industry vets.

For those of you who haven’t been following the Vapur Trail these past several months, welcome to the journey!  Vapur is the maker of the Anti-Bottle; a foldable, reusable, freezable, washable, and attachable alternative to disposable water bottles. The all-new Element, which is available for the first time to consumers on March 19th, is the first Anti-Bottle available in larger sizes (.7L and 1L), designed to meet the greater hydration demands of athletes and all those living an active outdoor lifestyle. Additionally, the Element is equipped with a new widemouth SuperCap™ for greater gulp-ability and a stronger, integrated attachment clip that allows the Element to hang on during high adventure and in variable terrain. From urban use to multi-season use in the great outdoors, the Element is proof of next-level innovation in outdoor market hydration systems.

  • MSRP: $11.99/.7L     $13.99/1L
  • Widemouth integrated SuperCap
  • Freezable, Attachable, Reusable, Foldable
  • Integrated stronger attachment clip
  • Anti-microbial lining
  • Dishwasher safe, freezable
  • Made in the USA
  • BPA Free
  • 3-ply construction
  • 3 designs available: Water, Fire, Wind
  • Patented shape is lighter and more flexible than rigid bottles, which also allows for easier grip

The Element was announced in January, and people have been buzzing about it ever since! We’ve given a preview to everyone from hikers to pro kayakers to skiers, and the early reviews are full of applause. Check out some gear reviews from top source outdoor hubs:

In the meantime, the Vapur team has been feverishly working and anticipating the introduction of our newest family member to you, the Vapur community. The Element will be available at or at a retailer near you on March 19th! We cannot wait to hear how you LOVE it. Happy hydrating!

A PRODUCT SO HANDY YOU’LL WANT TO BOTTLE IT – Sick of spending money on drinks around the golf course but don’t want to lug around a big, ugly water bottle from home? Your prayers may have been answered with Vapur Anti-bottles, which take hydration-on-the-go to a whole new level. Vapur water pouches are a smart and safe alternative to plastic bottles and, as the company claims, they put the ‘squeeze’ on environmental impact and BPA.

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We heart the Vapur Anti-Bottle. It’s an ingenious reusable water bottle that can be folded or rolled up and stashed in your handbag or pocket (once it’s empty, of course!). It’s ultra durable and BPA free. You can freeze it, pop it in the dishwasher and even write your name on it. Available in lots of fun colours and in grown-up and kid sizes. It costs $18.95 (.5L) – cheap enough to blow any excuse for buying those ready-bottled drinks right out of the water. Visit to order.

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