Expat Living

“Bottle Shock – The Vapur Anti-Bottle is a foldable, reusable water bottle that is designed for easy use while you’re on the go. Fill it before for your next jog or shopping trip, and roll it up for easy transport when you’re done. Freeze it, clip it on, write on it and show it off to friends. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.”

Singapore’s Child

“Anti-bottles – It’s time to go green with the new Vapur Anti-bottles! Vapur INC designs and manufactures these foldable, flexible and reusable water bottles. This innovative creation is easy to use and convenient for the parent and child on the go.”

In Flight Review

“Do you really want to lug around that empty water bottle? If not, try Vapur, a water bottle that can be rolled, folded or flattened when not in use. Tuck it in your backpack, laptop bag or cost pocket, and never buy a disposable plastic bottle again. Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe, freezable, BPA-free, and doubly eco-friendly in that it uses less energy to make and transport than other bottles.”

El Nuevo Dìa: Puerto Rico

“AGUA A TODOS LADOS Si eres de esos viajeros bien prácticos, esta botella de agua que se dobla seguro llamará tu atención. The VapurAnti-Bottle es flexible. Cuando está llena se mantiene de pie. Según se vacía se dobla lo que te permite ahorrar espacio en el bulto de manos y pasar el control de los aeropuertos.”

Sandton Magazine: South Africa

“These funky water bottles are a cool accessory to carry around especially during the summer. It’s not just another water bottle but a foldable, reusable, durable one in which to carry your drink – and it look good! Vapur’s fold-and-go concept means the water bottle fits into your bad or pocket, is BPA-free, and comprises three layers of durable plastic. Made in the US, its inner layer is stain resistant but it is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.”

Vogue: Australia

“ECO THIRST QUENCHER Vapur, the Anti-Bottle is made from ultra-durable BPA-free plastic, it can be folded neatly and filled with tap water, and is portable, reusable, freezable and eco-friendly. ”