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CSQ Magazine: Drinking Problem: Solved

Over the past couple of decades, Americans and capitalist economies around the globe have turned a healthy habit into a dirty one. According to data collected by the Web site “OnlineEducation,” it takes 17 million barrels of oil every year to make water bottles for the U.S. market alone. [READ MORE]

CSQ Magazine

Lauren Williams, in charge of merchandise and marketing at Texas State University‘s Bookstore, recently provided us with this video. The University Bookstore’s student workers, Creighton Runnels, Jeanette Tellez and Erica Denson, decided to put the Anti-Bottle to the test and we love that they did!

“I think it is pretty funny and a testament to the durability of the bottle. You will see it finally punctures after MUCH abuse. More than the normal everyday use. This was also done after I froze it and ran it through the dishwasher,” said Williams.

Well, Texas State students, you’ll be happy to know that we performed similar tests to the Anti-Bottle before we launched it on the market, including running it over with a car. For such a light weight product, we are in constant amazement to see the use and abuse the Anti-Bottle can endure. 😉

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Students from Texas State University Put the Anti-Bottle to the Test from Vapur, Inc. on Vimeo.

Vapur fans Amy Shibel and Kari Schmidt from California Lutheran University set off on an adventure this summer to El Salvador, bringing their beloved Anti-Bottles along. Here’s what Shibel had to say about their trip:

“Our Vapur Anti-Bottles were great to have on our trip to El Salvador! We were there lending aid to a community and we didn’t have to think twice about bringing water with us on all of our adventures.

They clipped onto our backpacks for easy traveling and didn’t take up any space to store. Although we had a hard time with the heat, the bottles handled it perfectly. No funny tasting water! We had a great time in El Salvador and we can’t wait to take our Anti-Bottles on our next adventure!”

To see more pictures from their trip, click here to check out Vapur’s Facebook fan page!