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H2O Conserve is a program of ICCR, GRACE, Food & Water Watch, and the Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future. They have a pretty nifty water footprint calculator on their website (http://www.h2oconserve.org) that allows you to determine just how much water your household uses. I had to jury-rig the answers a bit in an attempt to paint a clear picture of certain areas like our eating habits (the only 3 options are heavy meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan – we are flexitarians).

In the end, the site provides a good wake-up call to all the ways we can waste our most precious resource. In case you’re interested, my results are posted below. They seem pretty high, though below average. I think I’ll try it one more time!

Your total household water use is 4,288.68 gallons per day
Your individual water use is 1,072.17 gallons per day
In comparison, the average American uses 1,190.5 gallons of water per day